Black Ohio Democrat Rep: Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Should Be in Front of Planned Parenthood’

Black Lives Matter
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

Democrat Ohio state Rep. Bill Patmon addressed participants at a #WomenBetrayed rally Tuesday, joining others in demanding that Planned Parenthood be investigated and defunded.

During his address, Patmon said Black Lives Matter protesters – who target police officers – should target Planned Parenthood, which was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

“You hear a lot of demonstrations across the country now about ‘Black Lives Matter,’” said Patmon, who is African-American. “Well they skipped one place. They should be in front of Planned Parenthood.”

“You say, ‘Well, you’re kind of strident, aren’t you?’ I say, ‘No, not when 5,499 abortions are in Cuyahoga County, which I happen to represent, and 63 percent of them are black women,’” Patmon continued.

He observed that 17 million women who had abortions at Planned Parenthood were black women.

“Black lives matter” and “American lives matter,” he added.

Patmon announced that he was introducing legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

“It is my business, especially when 17 million of them are black women, 17 million – more than any other population – 17 million that look and act and talk …similar to myself, but even more than that, they’re Americans, and they’re human beings,” Patmon said.

The Ohio representative noted that his own mother — who only had an eighth grade education — would likely have been a “prime candidate” for Planned Parenthood.

“She would have been just what [Planned Parenthood is] looking for – not much education, a desire to succeed, and being told, ‘You can do this later. Let’s get rid of this one,’” Patmon said. “Well she didn’t get rid of this one.”


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