Hillary Clinton Calls Baby Body Parts Videos ‘Disturbing’

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton told a New Hampshire newspaper yesterday that she finds the videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors discussing the sale of baby body parts to be “disturbing.”

Speaking to the Manchester Union Leader, Clinton said she had seen pictures from the videos but did not make clear she had actually viewed any of the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress.

Clinton did not explain specifically what she found disturbing about the pictures she saw from the videos. She did not explain how they would be disturbing if abortion only deals with clumps of cells, entities that are not yet human or persons — arguments commonly made by abortion advocates.

Clinton went on the defend Planned Parenthood for all the good work she claims they do, including breast cancer screenings, something that has been disproven by the group Live Action, which actually called dozens of Planned Parenthood clinics asking for such screenings and was turned away.

Clinton said any Congressional inquiries should not focus just on Planned Parenthood but “should look at everything and not just one (organization).”  She also said any inquiry should look “at the whole process.” Whether by “process” she means the wholesale and retail trade in body parts was not made clear.

Clinton was not asked about substantial donations she has received from Planned Parenthood personnel and the call by Senator Rand Paul to return such monies.

The fact that Clinton felt it necessary to at least slightly distance herself from Planned Parenthood shows the deep trouble in which the abortion giant finds itself. Clinton has been one of their biggest supporters for years. She may believe the videos will play badly in the upcoming presidential election.

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