Donald Trump Wows Press at Women’s British Open in Scotland

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Despite statements from the Women’s British Open that it did not approve of Donald Trump, the tournament kicked off Thursday at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland. Naturally, Trump was on hand for tee off and his comments set the media abuzz, sports and non-sports journalists alike.

In his typically brash way, Trump insisted to the members of the media, “The world asked me to be here.”

It almost didn’t happen, though, because the LPGA wanted to move its tournament from Turnberry and disassociate itself with Donald Trump. In fact, in a statement the LPGA claimed that Trump’s remarks on the campaign trail “do not reflect the views of our organizations.”

With the scorn of the LPGA ringing in his ears, Trump himself seemed to dare the LPGA to move the tournament.

“I would be willing to let you play the Women’s British Open, in two weeks, at another course rather than magnificent Turnberry [which I own],” Trump said on July 8. “I think you have done an extraordinary disservice to women’s golf, but in no way will that diminish my respect for the women on the LPGA tour of their great golfing talent.”

But there wasn’t enough time to move the event and now the tournament is well under way.

Today it seemed that the golf tournament was just a side show for Trump’s appearance as he flew his private helicopter into Turnberry to meet with the press. Seemingly just to drive his appearance home, Trump had his helicopter circle the area twice before he landed.

No. 2-ranked Lydia Ko was playing the 16th hole already when Trump buzzed in. She noted that his copter was “really nice” and said, “I would love one.”

Of course, Trump’s representatives told the media to try and restrict questions to golf and plans Trump may have for Turnberry. Naturally, they couldn’t resist and neither could he and questions came anyway about Trump’s campaign for president. And Trump didn’t disappoint.

The real estate mogul was keen to inform the world that a new poll came out showing that he is “number one” with Hispanics. “A poll came out two days ago where I am number one with the Hispanics,” Trump maintained.

Trump also claimed that even Hispanics are thanking him for talking about illegal immigration. “Illegal immigration is a huge subject. I brought it to the fore and everybody is thanking me for it,” he said.

He also complained that it is, “so politically correct in our country that people are sick and tired of things not getting done.” He continued saying, “We’re diplomatic in our country and everybody hates us all over the world. We’re politically correct and the world hates the United States.”

While Trump didn’t want to comment about illegal immigration in Europe—”That’s your problem, not my problem,” he said—Trump did make a few comments about European politics saying politics in Scotland overflowed with “bedlam and confusion.”

Trump also noted his preparation for the upcoming Republican debates, but confessed he isn’t really much of a debater.

“As far as preparing for the debate, I am who I am,” he said. “I’ve never debated before—I’m not a debater, I get things done. I don’t talk about it, I get it done. I’ll show up, I look forward to it, and that’s all I can do.”

Still, Trump said he thinks he’ll make a great president.

“I think I would be a great uniter. I think that I would have great diplomatic skills; I would be able to get along with people very well,” Trump said. “I had great success [in my life]. I get along with people. People say, ‘Oh gee, it might be tough from that standpoint’, but actually I think the world would unite if I were the leader of the United States.”

When asked, Trump also told the press in Scotland that he was sure he could win the White House. “I expect to be president,” Trump said.

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