Police: Illegal Alien Shot After Fleeing Traffic Stop, Pointing Gun at Cop

Nelson Ochoa-Puentes

Nelson Ochoa-Puentes, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Honduras, allegedly pulled a gun on a cop after fleeing from a traffic stop on Monday.

Authorities say Deputy William Zimmerlee was conducting a traffic stop at 1 AM on Monday, when Ochoa-Puentes drove away, which Zimerlee pursuing. When they reached the end of a road, Ochoa-Puentes got out of his car and pulled a out a gun. Zimerlee shot him in the hand.

Alabama jail staff said he was detained and deported by border patrol in August 2010, according to WSMV. Police told the news outlet he was charged in May for driving with a revoked license.

“We’re collecting ballistics evidence that will hopefully give us a better idea of exactly what happened on that front. We do have reason to believe that the suspect did have a weapon based on what we found here at the scene so far,” police spokesman Josh DeVine told WSMV.

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