Moms Demand Action Targets Gander Mountain After Cabela’s Stands Strong

Facebook/Gander Mountain
Facebook/Gander Mountain

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is now targeting Gander Mountain and Sportsman’s Warehouse. The group is trying to force both retailers to change their background check policies to correct a non-existent loophole Moms Demand and others created out of thin air, following the heinous attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

Days after the attack on the church, the FBI admitted they had made a clerical error during a background check, which allowed alleged gunman Dylann Roof to get his gun. Moms Demand immediately seized on this “mistake,” labeled it a “loophole,” and is pressuring retailers to change policies to correct it.

Here is the background: Federal law is structured so that the FBI may immediately green-light a gun buyer based on a background check, deny a gun buyer based on the check, or delay the gun purchase–an option whereby the FBI extends a background check for three business days if criminal records or the history of a potential gun buyer are difficult to find. After three days, the gun may legally be given to the potential buyer if the FBI has found no incriminating evidence. Moms Demand wants retailers to exceed federal law by refusing after the three days to hand the gun to the purchaser–even if no incriminating evidence has been found–if the check still shows “delay” status.

This could mean that background checks last five, seven, or ten business days–perhaps longer. It would also put the onus on citizens to prove why they should be able to buy a gun, instead of the onus being on the government to prove why they should not be able to buy one. Yet this is what Moms Demand wants; they call it their “no check, no sale” policy.

Cabela’s was Moms Demand’s first target after Charleston, and so far, they have not given in to the demands. Now Moms Demand has picked two new retailers: Gander Mountain and Sportman’s Warehouse.

Ironically, Moms Demand Action seems unsure of what the policy at either retailer is. So they are requesting Facebook followers to “ask Gander Mountain and Sportsman’s Warehouse: do you have a common-sense ‘No check, no sale’ policy?”

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