Hillary Clinton Mocks Her Email Scandal; FBI, Intel Agencies Not Laughing

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Forum At Trident Technical College In North Charleston, SC
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Whoever told Hillary Clinton to handle her rapidly-evolving email scandal by joking about it is the worst political consultant in history.

Of course, the FBI agents investigating her are not laughing, and the intel community isn’t going to change its assessment of the damage she inflicted on national security for personal gain because she makes a few cracks about Snapchat to her supporters.

But that’s what she tried at the Wing Ding dinner in Iowa: “You may have seen I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it: Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

What a knee-slapper! C’mon, Mrs. Clinton, tell us the one about how you set up your shadow email server because you didn’t want to carry two cell phones. That one always brings down the house!

She also tried blowing off the Benghazi investigation, which – along with lawsuits from citizen watchdog groups like Judicial Watch – is the only reason the American people learned about what she has done, in time to factor her reckless disregard for top-secret information into their voting decisions.

“Benghazi was a tragedy where four Americans died… but let’s be clear: Seven exhaustive investigations… have already debunked all of the conspiracy theories,” said Clinton, as transcribed by Politico. “It’s not about email servers either. It’s about politics.”

She even went as far as invoking the memory of the men she left to die in Benghazi, as if criticizing her was the equivalent of dishonoring their memories. “Here’s what I won’t do: I won’t get down in the mud with them… or dishonor the memories of those who died. I don’t pretend this isn’t about politics,” Clinton sneered.

Back here in the real world, the allegations she derides as “conspiracy theories” about Benghazi were confirmed by investigators, not “debunked.” She did indeed lie copiously about the reasons for the attack – literally right into the faces of the dead mens’ families – and she was responsible for the appalling lack of security that allowed Ambassador Christopher Stevens to walk into a terrorist beehive unprotected.

She’s also responsible for pushing Barack Obama into the disastrous Libyan war, which turned the country into a Mad Max wasteland where warlord gangs battle ISIS for territory, and is currently burying Europe over a flood of refugees, many of whom are drowning during their desperate attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

But a Clinton voter is someone who makes a point of not knowing such things, or does whatever is necessary to forget any inconvenient knowledge that slips into their noggins. Politico got quotes from a couple of them, saying the crowd gave Our Lady of the Cattle Futures a “rock-star reception”:

“I think it’s the other side trying to throw whatever at the wall and seeing what will stick, and then the news organizations having to have something to talk about all the time,” said Iowan Paul Stough, holding a plate of chicken wings and pulled pork at the famous concert hall Friday night. “I think mostly it’s: she’s the front-runner and the press in general likes to knock the front-runner down.”

[…] “I think Hillary’s going to be bogged down by a lot of this Benghazi stuff,” said JR Ankley, the former mayor of 300-person northern Iowa town called Marble Rock. “It’s the only game-plan Republican’s got.”

[…] “The email thing is a witch hunt and it won’t hurt her,” said John Stone, who’s the Cerro Gordo County Democratic chairman.

The funny thing about the level of delusion these people have forced themselves into is the notion that the media is trying to “knock Hillary down,” when they’ve been throwing themselves on top of these stories like live grenades for as long as they can.

A large percentage of mainstream media reporters, anchors, and editors are either Clinton donors or former employees of hers. To this day, they’re pumping every story full of boilerplate spin that sounds like it was written by Clinton’s campaign team and taped to the reporter’s computer monitor. Those who aren’t personally loyal to Hillary are terrified of getting the same treatment the New York Times got for crossing the Clinton syndicate and reporting she was under criminal investigation. (Yes, Clinton media drones, they are investigating hernot investigating her self-aware living supercomputer mail server, and yes, it’s a criminal investigation, because the FBI performs no other kind.)

The second funniest thing Clinton dead-enders are telling themselves is that the FBI, under Obama’s insanely politicized Justice Department, is a pack of Republican “witch hunters.”

It’s also funny to hear Clinton-bots talk about Republican “game plans” being deficient, when the only game plan left to Hillary Clinton involves harping on the Benghazi investigation, portraying herself as a victim, and stoking her followers’ visceral hatred of all things GOP. The investigation of Clinton’s clear violation of federal law might indeed be swayed by politics – it already has been, since anyone who wasn’t Democrat royalty would already have been indicted, and maybe worse – but it won’t be the kind of politics that involve rooms full of gullible donors yukking it up at Clinton’s corny jokes.

Some Clinton supporters evidently lap this stuff up, but there are lots of Democrats who will be made very nervous by the thought that Hillary thinks she can manage this story with the same old “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” bleating and arrogant dismissal of the facts. Hardcore supporters laugh, but she needs more than hardcore supporters to win the nomination, and she’s losing just about everyone else in the Democrat Party, even when the chief alternative currently available is an unelectable socialist.

And hey, guys, just a little reminder: Hillary Clinton was already a lousy candidate sinking in the polls before the current scandal broke. Her violation of national security standards has only been an established fact for a couple of weeks, and we only found out she compromised Top Secret intel a few days ago, but she’s been sliding in the polls for months – that’s why she had to pretend her campaign was launching for the first time at least twice.

Also, while Hillary regales you at campaign dinners with nonsense about how she’s voluntarily committed to transparency, remember the only reason these scandals are breaking huge in July and August of 2015 is that she dragged her feet and stonewalled for years, in defiance of State Department instructions, federal subpoenas, judicial orders, and pure common sense.

The timing of this scandal is entirely, solely due to Hillary Clinton’s fabulously poor decision-making skills.  Is that really what even dyed-in-the-wool Democrats are looking for in a chief executive?


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