CNN Poll: Donald Trump Still Rising

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump continues his dynamic rise in the polls, according to the latest CNN poll, which shows him earning 24 percent of support from Republican and Republican leaning voters.

The last CNN poll showed him at 19 percent, and was conducted before the Fox News primary debate. Trump was at only 3 percent in CNN’s poll conducted in May 2015.

Trump’s favorability numbers among Republicans have also jumped since the debate, from 50 percent in July to 58 percent now. His unfavorable rating has also increased by four points.

Jeb Bush comes in second with 13 percent, down two points from CNN’s July poll. Dr. Ben Carson is up four points to 8 percent for third place.

Walker and Rubio are tied with seven percent and Rand Paul holds steady at six percent.

Carly Florina shows a post-debate jump in the polls now at five percent compared to only one percent last month.

Here are the full results for a total of 506 voters who describe themselves as either Republicans or independents who lean Republican.

Trump: 24
Bush: 13
Carson: 8
Walker: 7
Rubio: 7
Paul: 6
Fiorina: 5
Kasich: 5
Christie: 4
Cruz: 4
Huckabee: 4
Perry: 2
Santorum: 1