Guardian Angels Re-Emerge as Crime Surges Under ‘Comrade Bill de Blasio’

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During an August 18 appearance on The David Webb Show, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa said his group is re-emerging to keep Central Park from “sliding into the abyss” amid the surge in crime New York City is witnessing under “Comrade Bill de Blasio.”

Webb opened the interview by describing the “bad old days” when Central Park was marked by “low level crimes, mixed with mid-level and high-level gang activity.” Those days were done away with by a combination of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s crime fighting efforts and the presence of a volunteer force for good called the Guardian Angels.

But today crime threatens to become the norm again under a mayor who has a habit of looking the other way. Breitbart News has previously reported that NYC is one of the most prominent Democrat-controlled cities where crime is skyrocketing. As a result, the Guardian Angels are back to try to keep citizens safe.

Curtis Sliwa explained:

I decided it was time to get back into Central Park, the crown jewel of New York City, and keep it from sliding into the abyss. Because this mayor of ours, Comrade Bill de Blasio, is so clueless, so in denial, that if we don’t take this preemptive action we could really start losing so many of the gains in the quality of life that we gained…over 20 years–the eight years of Rudy Giuliani followed by the 12 years of Michael Bloomberg.

Sliwa stressed that the city’s current plight under de Blasio is reminiscent of the way things looked in the 1970s and ’80s, when the city was “best known for the Bronx burning down [and] Brooklyn being renamed…Crooklyn…by Spike Lee.” He pointed out this led to an exodus in which middle class residents fled the city to take root in other states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas–“not so much for a better weather pattern to live in, but rather, a safer quality of life.”

He said de Blasio stands in opposition to all the crime-fighting tools that helped change NYC from “the largest city with the highest rate of violent crime to the largest city with the least rate of violent crime” and, as a result, criminals increasingly realize they can operate with near-impunity in Central Park and other areas.

Sliwa concluded by summing up de Blasio’s policies thus:

Isn’t it ironic that Comrade de Blasio wants to take horse drawn carriages out of the park, but wants to allow the mentally ill and the criminal element to stay in the park? His priorities are so screwed up. But he is a progressive, he is a liberal. And remember–he was weaned on the Sandinista belief system of Daniel Ortega. He spent time in Nicaragua, he spent his honeymoon with his wife in Havana.

This is the guy who became Mayor of the City of New York because only 27 percent of the people bothered to vote.

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