Shaun King Doesn’t Rebut Story About His Racial History in Twitter Meltdown

Shaun King

Shaun King, the embattled Black Lives Matter activist at the centre of a swirling controversy about his race, posted dozens of tweets today in response to our report that he is actually white but failed to rebut the central fact in our story.

Despite the huge, meandering tweetstorm, King failed to address the central question of whether or not he is white, instead alluding vaguely to a “hurtful, scandalous” racial past.

Other media outlets, such as the Daily Beast, are now flatly reporting that although King has claimed to be biracial he is in fact white.

Progressive media are still ignoring the story, obviously.

King didn’t reply right away to our revelations this morning but waited until the story was trending worldwide to weigh in. (The story is currently the number one trending topic in the United States.)

Then, in a series of mystifying and self-contradictory posts, King addressed allegations made by blogger Vicki Pate that he is really white — and whether or not he lied to Oprah Winfrey in order to secure an Oprah scholarship to historically black Morehouse College.

He attempted — and failed — to pick holes in our story, citing “17 lies” but providing only three examples, all of them nonsensical. He never said whether he was black or white, only that he had never lied to Oprah or Morehouse College, which is hard to believe.

He claimed that our reporting was a “white supremacist conspiracy.”

He dismissed other news sources and, offering no evidence, libels our source as a “white supremacist.”

He wrongly claimed that we accused him of lying when in fact we merely pointed out inconsistencies in his story.

Then there was a bizarre sequence where he sketched out possibly the most complex family story in America.

And then this.

But King addressed the question of whether or not he was black, simply saying — implausibly — that he had “never lied” about it. Some of his tweets were numbered, some not, but in total he tweeted over 40 times without ever addressing the subject directly.

Sure as night follows day, progressive activists fall back on the victimhood defence to distract good-natured readers from the facts. King did not disappoint.

Reactions from Twitter, especially from black users, have been uncompromising.

As the author of the original story, I had a go too, of course.

Meanwhile, tweeters are unearthing what could be highly inconvenient historical remarks from King in which he uses the n-word.

The case continues.


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