Fineman: Rand Paul Flames Out, Admits ‘I Have 1 in 10 Chance to Be President’

New Hampshire
Cheryl Senter/AP

From Howard Fineman writing at the Huffington Post:

Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign is teetering on the edge, with the once-trendy presidential candidate telling fellow Kentucky Republicans that his chances of winning the 2016 GOP nomination are no better than “1 in 10.”

“Actually, his chances are probably more like 1 in 50,” said University of Kentucky professor Al Cross, the dean of the state’s political observers. “He’s kind of disappeared on us.”

Conspicuous by his recent absence from early primary and caucus states such as Iowa, Paul faces a potentially make-or-break decision over whether to run next year for the White House or for another term in the U.S. Senate. Under state law, he can’t do both unless the Kentucky GOP’s 350-person governing committee decides to move up the date of its 2016 primary. Their vote is scheduled for Saturday.

“I don’t know which way it is going to go,” said Cross.

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