Majors: Hillary Clinton Not Excelling At Meeting the Press

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes questions from reporters following a town hall meeting at Exeter High School August 10, 2015 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Clinton answered questions about Donald Trump's recent comments regarding women.
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

For months the oft-noted hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president was that she took no questions from reporters and held no press events aside from those with a very few hand picked friendly journalists with carefully controlled formats.

Perhaps because Donald Trump won’t stop talking to the press and because at the first GOP debate Americans learned that the other female candidate, Carly Fiorina, answers questions much more smoothly than does Mrs. Clinton, this past Tuesday, Hillary decided she would have a press conference.

And it was a disaster.

FOX News’s Ed Henry asked Mrs. Clinton if she had wiped her server clean, and she had a mild epileptic fit, rolling her eyes, bobbing her head, hunching her shoulders, and miming wiping a surface with a cloth, a form of housework she has had no experience with since she graduated law school.

Besides the dishonesty and anxiety she betrayed, one detail was most telling that things were not going as planned. She has never before walked away from the cameras and allowed us to see her very broad bum and pear shaped body. Coincidentally in an orange, Prada-does-prison, jumpsuit.

Hillary, like Bill, has always been dishonest and has surrounded herself with fellow liars and grifters, as did her husband.

A lie is what Bill Clinton’s administration is most remembered for: “I… did… not… have… sexual… relations…with…that…woman.”

Not the Defense of Marriage Act, not preventing the CIA and FBI from cooperating with each other to apprehend terrorists, not bombing a children’s vitamin factory in Sudan, not refusing to talk to the Sudanese when they apprehended a pre-9/11 Osama bin Laden and offered to turn him over, not the bust which foreshadowed the later mortgage crisis as a sign that Clinton era prosperity was an inflationary binge.

A lie. And the subsequent cover up and parsing about what the meaning of “is” is. (One internet wag created a meme of Hillary with clenched fists shouting:  “I.  Did. Not. Have. Textual. Relations. With. That. Server.”)

Hillary Clinton began to lose to Barack Obama in 2008 around the time she was caught lying about braving Bosnian sniper fire.

The Obama people are not stupid.

They know exactly what Hillary and Bill Clinton are: grifters and liars. Jeffrey Lord has a great summation of Hillary’s life as a congenital liar. But it goes beyond Hillary.

Her team is replete with people devoted to lies and grifting. “Body woman” Huma Abedin is alleged to have collected extra compensation from her State Department job for vacation and overtime, while simultaneously working with companies lobbying the State Department.

Virginia Governor and Clinton minion Terry McAuliffe started a business with Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham where he used political pull to sell Visas to wealthy Asians who otherwise might have had to wait in line or be denied.

Even mid-level Clinton minions, like heiress Claire Lucas, a former Clinton political appointee in charge of LGBT issues at the Agency for International Development and now a Hillary campaign fundraiser, have been in court and the press for fudging the truth, in Ms. Lucas’s case trying to quash a D.C. subpoena to be deposed, by claiming she lived on the West Coast and couldn’t get to D.C., amusingly in a case where the Democratic National Committee was being sued by a less connected gay employee for anti-gay discrimination.

And of course, Hillary’s right hand gal, Huma, is married to the most famous prevaricator of the decade, Anthony Weiner.

The Obama regime kept Hillary close so it could watch her and record her crimes.

They knew she was a grifter and knew she would be wheeling and dealing, selling influence – uranium to Putin, who knows what else to who else. They knew she’d need to cover it up. They’re from Chicago. They’ve studied her type up close.

That’s not to say they don’t have the similar or other means of controlling Joe Biden or John Kerry. They may.

But with Hillary we have a whole book, Peter Schweizer’s  Clinton Cash, on Bill and Hillary making money because they trade political influence. Hillary’s server had to be wiped (or perhaps given its location in a loft bathroom, flushed) because among its thousands of emails there might be the prospecting, the invoices, and the bank routing instructions for all those sales. (And one might be able to write a second volume detailing similar profiteering among her lackeys.)

Team Obama knew they’d have blackmail on her when she did, especially if they gave her enough rope, letting her bring in her own people and have her own private server.

They play better chess than she does.

Bill and Hillary only got elected the first time because of Ross Perot being a spoiler.

Now Hillary has to hope for a repeat of that.

And repetition is what we are getting, with a still skeletal, cadaverous James Carville once again coming out to deny that there is anything more than a “hill of beans” to the attacks on his mistress and master from the right wing conspiracists. And all Hillary’s servants feeding talking points to the Democratic base that these are all just lies and are not a real issue.

But its not the feckless, mainly lame GOP leaking Hillary’s emails and demanding her hard drive. Its the FBI and Obama’s Justice Department.

Hillary could end up facing criminal charges if she criticizes any Obama policies as part of her campaign. Someone in the administration has not those fictional Bosnian snipers, but the sword of Damocles, aimed at her head.


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