Facebook, Twitter Delete Alleged Virginia Shooter’s Accounts After Posting Murder Video


Facebook and Twitter deleted both of the social media accounts connected to the alleged shooter of reporter Alison Parker and camerman Adam Ward, Vester L. Flanagan, after he posted video of his crimes.

Using accounts under his screen name Bryce Williams, Flanagan posted a 22 second video showing him pointing and firing a gun at the news anchor on television.

Both social media companies moved quickly to delete the video but not before hundreds of people watched it. YouTube also quickly deleted copies of the video after they were posted on the site.

After loading the videos, Flanagan attempted suicide, according to local news reports, but reportedly still has a pulse.

Last week Flanagan posted video highlights of his career on Facebook, including footage of him reporting details from murder scenes.

On August 20th he posted video of a man strangling a woman from the movie Dynasty, labeled, “My Favorite scene,” and dubbed the post as a “Vid test.”

Other recently posted pictures featured him as a young man and as a baby, as well as pictures of his cat.


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