Donald Trump: Candidate for Our Age

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the National Federation of Republ
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Donald Trump is calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo.” 

He’s calling Anthony Weiner a “perv.”

Who’s next on Donald’s hit list? Everyone wants to know. Donald Trump is like the old EF Hutton commercial- when he speaks, everyone listens. Brilliant. 

I wrote the book on “Celebrity Branding.” It’s called “The Power of RELENTLESS.” The only presidential candidate who understands the importance of celebrity branding to politics is Donald Trump. He is in a word- RELENTLESS. He relentlessly brands himself 24/7. He relentlessly attacks 24/7. He relentlessly sells 24/7. He relentlessly pitches 24/7. And he does it all with RELENTLESS chutzpah. Brilliant. Trump is well on his way to becoming president of this country.

Like it or not, the reality is America is no longer U-S-A. We are T-M-Z. We are a nation that idolizes celebrity. We’re one big reality show. That’s how Obama got elected- twice. He was elected as “American Idol.” Obama was famous and exciting. That’s what people want in a candidate.

Donald Trump is the “American Idol” of the GOP.

This is all part of a plan. Pick a fight with a media elephant, create controversy, create headlines, get people talking and tweeting. Pick a fight with Univision and NBC. Pick a fight with Rosie O’Donnell. Pick a fight with John McCain. Pick a fight with Megyn Kelly. Pick a fight with Hilly, Huma and Anthony Weiner. Trump makes headlines by picking fights with celebrities and saying the very things we all whisper about at the water cooler (but would never dare say out loud), thereby making himself more famous every day. Controversy sells. Trump and his fights are all we talk about. Brilliant.

Trump gets it. The other candidates don’t. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Donald has sucked all the oil and oxygen out of the race. By appealing to TMZ nation, Donald has made us into “Trump Nation.” It’s Trump Channel all day, 24 hours a day, on every channel on the dial. Or haven’t you seen Trump’s last two rallies carried live, in their entirety on CNN?

Some dummy, huh? I’ll bet Jeb Bush and Scott Walker wish they could be as dumb as Donald.

Trump’s running media battles with Megyn Kelly and Fox News..,.and more recently Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Aberdin are carbon copies of the running media battles between Ali-Frazier and George Steinbrenner/Billy Martin. Everyone involved got rich and famous.

Trump (like Mohammed Ali and George Steinbrenner) understands that controversy sells. Outrageous sells. People love a good soap opera. It takes their minds off the tragic Obama economy. It would be a dull summer without Trump calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” and calling Anthony Weiner a “pervert.” Instead we are all entertained. It’s time to watch Trump on TV. Pass the popcorn!

And the other candidates who think it pays to be nice and talk about issues all day…who are they? Where are they? Jeb Bush? Who’s that? Donald Trump is like David Copperfield. He makes his competition disappear.

Donald Trump has turned politics into a real-life reality show. He’s Ronald Reagan, Obama, Tiger Woods and Kim Kardashian rolled into one. And throw in Caitlyn Jenner for good measure.

And love him or hate him, you’re dying to see the show! Everyone wants in. Everyone is listening. Everyone is watching. Everyone is talking about it.

My new book is called “The Power of RELENTLESS.”

It’s about the principles and attributes that lead to success- Relentless Energy…Relentless Enthusiasm…Relentless Chutzpah (audacity)…Relentless Offense (always set the agenda, always play offense)…Relentless Salesmanship (if you aren’t selling, you aren’t winning)…and Relentless pitching, instead of bitching. Success is about pitching your cause 24/7/365.

But the most important rule is RELENTLESS celebrity branding. Success is about making you, your company or your product a star. Without a “brand” in this TMZ nation you’ve got nothing.

Trump gets the check on every box. Trump gets “it.” Trump excels at it. Trump wrote the damn book! “The Power of RELENTLESS” is how you win at business, politics, relationships, and life. As Charlie Sheen would say: “Trump is WINNING!”

So pass the popcorn and start practicing the words “President Donald Trump.”


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