Tea Party Patriots Back ‘A Call To Action’ to End the Iran Deal

Tea Party

After rallying ten thousand Americans on Wednesday in the nation’s capitol against president Obama’s Iran Nuclear capitulation, Tea Party Patriots CEO and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin joined Breitbart News Sunday to tell listeners that there is much more to do.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and co-host of Sundays’s show, Stephen K. Bannon, told Martin that the huge gathering “rattled Speaker of the House John Boehner and house leadership a lot. And it brought some big changes.” Friday the House voted to disapprove the agreement. 

Martin told Breitbart listeners “those ten thousand people were doing every thing they could to let congress know that they do not want the Iran nuke deal to go into effect. And we want Republicans to do everything they can to stop it.”

Martin explained that congress hasn’t been given all the information about the Iran deal from the Obama administration. Congress has not received the side deal information with the International Atomic Energy Agency which was “required in this convoluted corporate pardon approval process.”

Wednesday’s rally proved that the tea party movement is alive and well. Conservative radio show host, author, and constitutional scholar Mark Levin, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and another 25 congressman joined the rally as inspirational speakers for the event.

The Tea Party Patriots leader told Bannon and his co-host, Breitbart EIC Alexander Marlow, “we got to melt the phone lines to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and make him hear from us. We don’t do that enough.”

On top of that, Martin said every one who has a Republican senator has to call and “tell them to tell McConnell to stand up, do what the house is doing, and back them up. Get a backbone, we’ll support you.”

The Tea Party Patriots is going to have a “call to action” on their website teapartypatriots.org and on the Tea Party Patriots Facebook page by mid afternoon on Monday. One can also text message them right now by texting 38470 and type in endtheirandeal. A link to the ‘call to action’ will be sent to you.


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