Club For Growth Launches $1 Million Ad War On Donald Trump

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The president of the anti-tax Club for Growth group, David McIntosh, is declaring political war on Donald Trump with a $1 million ad buy in Iowa targeting the billionaire candidate.

“Donald Trump is the worst Republican candidate on economic issues,” said McIntosh, whose business-friendly, anti-spending group is reportedly raising cash on Wall Street to fund the ads.

“It’s astonishing that he’s even running as a Republican,” McIntosh declared Sept. 15. ” Trump is the most liberal candidate on fiscal policy in the whole field, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders. His angry style may reflect the deep frustration Americans have with Washington leaders who have failed to keep their promises. But the policies he’d implement would benefit himself and his own interests, not the American people. That makes him the worst kind of politician.”

The ad campaign will run in Iowa, accusing Trump of being the “worst kind of politician” and hitting him for proposing tax increases on the rich, socialized medicine, eminent domain, and his rhetoric on sparking “trade wars” with other countries.

“Donald Trump poses as anti-establishment. But that’s exactly the problem,” the release reads. “He’s posing, just like the reality star he is. Playing a part for the sake of an audience – he really is the worst kind of politician.”

Trump quickly responded the attack on Twitter.

“Little respected Club For Growth asked me for $1,000,000 – I said “NO,” he wrote. “Now they are spending lobbyist and special interest money on ads!”


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