On Immigration, Donald Trump More Aligned with Black Community than Obama and the NAACP

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Hardworking black Americans are being crushed under the weight of an illegal alien workforce, ever expanding as a direct result of the policies of America’s first black president.

Now, a recent SurveyUSA poll that showed 25 percent of black respondents who said they would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton is evidence for some that black Americans are apt to support a Republican for president.

“Far too many supposed Republican leaders and presidential candidates are to the left of Obama when it comes to amnesty for those in the country illegally,” wrote Raynard Jackson, the founder of a D.C.-based political consulting firm.

“How can you aggressively support this type of policy when it will continue to depress wages of the lower and middle classes?” Jackson asks of a national Republican party establishment that has protected monied employers who hire illegal aliens at the expense of low-skilled, working class black Americans.

“This cheap labor will also exacerbate the Black unemployment rate, which is the highest of any group in the country, Jackson adds. “Oh, I forgot, Blacks don’t count; so Republicans remain silent on this issue.”

But not all Republicans are silent on this issue.

Donald Trump can credit much of his meteoric rise to the top of the Republican presidential field to his willingness to air out the dirty laundry of illegal immigration, simultaneously embarrassing both the Republican establishment and the civil rights community.

“More than anyone else in the Republican field, Trump understands the impact of illegal, cheap labor on the Black unemployment rate,” Jackson writes. “On this issue, he is more in tune with the grassroots in the Black community than Obama, the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus—go figure.”

Indeed, people like Peter Kirsanow, an official with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, have made the case that illegal immigration has severely depressed the labor force participation rate of low-skilled blacks only to be roundly ignored by President Obama and Congressional Black Caucus.

“Granting work authorization to millions of illegal immigrants will devastate the black community, which is already struggling in the wake of the recession that began in 2007 and the subsequent years of malaise,” Kirsanow wrote last year to Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus. “Illegal immigration has a disparate impact on African-American men, because these men are disproportionately represented in the low-skilled labor force.”

Meanwhile, the civil rights establishment is impotent. And the Republican establishment is complicit.

It’s now cliche to say that Donald Trump defies the laws of political gravity. I think he’s just getting started.

If Trump really wants to turn American presidential politics on its head and dismantle the civil rights and the Republican establishment in the process, then he should make this a fictional headline a reality: “Donald Trump Vows to Make Black America Great Again.”


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