Hillary Clinton to Jimmy Fallon: ‘I’m Trying to Be as Transparent as Possible’

Clinton Fallon

While the Republican presidential contenders battled in CNN’s debate in Southern California Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, whose host immediately brought up the Democratic frontrunner’s email scandal.

“Can you just say what’s in the emails? That’s all we want to know!” Fallon pleaded. “If you tell us what’s in the emails, I’ll get over it! Are you just typing in all caps, is it embarrassing?”

“There are thousands of them that are already out there,” Clinton replied. “Most people have gotten bored after reading ten or twelve, because they’re boring, I mean, they’re kind of ‘What are we doing, how do we do it, when’s the meeting…’

“Now, the most significant one that has come to light, because, you know, this was a really important issue, and I had to talk about it on the email,” Clinton continued, seemingly ready to drop some important information. “And that is, I was asked if I could get gefilte fish into Israel in order for it to be used in time for Passover.”

“Well here’s the thing,” Fallon pressed. “Everyone is saying these are top secret emails… and I go wait, do we want everyone knowing what the top secret email is?”

“Look,” Clinton bumbled. “I’ve said I’m taking responsibility, I’m trying to be as transparent as possible, but nothing that was sent at the time or received was secret. This is all retroactive. It would be… it’s a little hard to explain but sometimes different government agencies argue about what should or shouldn’t be what’s called ‘classified,’ and then they say, ‘Hey, it wasn’t at that time, maybe it should have been,’ somebody else says ‘No, I disagree’… It wasn’t at the time, and the stuff that’s in it I think is really boring people, which kind of hurts my feelings.”

“I think the headline should have been ‘Grandma knows how to use email!'” Fallon joked.

Later, Fallon and Clinton discussed social media, with the late-night host poking fun at the candidate’s age.

“You took a selfie with Kim Kardashian the other day,” Fallon said. “My question is, did you know who Kim Kardashian was when you took the selfie?”

“Of course I did! Absolutely,” a smiling Clinton shot back. “And I have to say, she and her husband Kanye came to one of my fundraisers in L.A. I didn’t know they were coming, They were just delightful, I really meeting them and talking with them. And she’s a pro about the selfie deal.”

Of course, Fallon and Clinton couldn’t resist making fun of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump while he was onstage at the debate in California: the two conducted a mock phone call with Fallon as Trump interviewing her.

Check out Clinton’s exchange with Fallon above.


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