Atheist-In-Chief Richard Dawkins Attacked by Left for Citing Breitbart Article on Ahmed Mohamed

Richard Dawkins

Renowned scientist and notable atheist commentator Richard Dawkins has rounded on “clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed, the now infamous Muslim teen who disassembled and reassembled a clock and was subsequently invited to the White House after being taken into police custody for possessing a “hoax bomb”.

Dawkins took to Twitter to pull apart the facts of the case before finally posting a spoof video of an “inventor” doing precisely what Mohamed had done – remove the casing from a retail clock and placing it, wires protruding, inside a metallic briefcase.

The evolutionary biologist, who is resident at Oxford University, said he was “among the many fooled” by the story initially, adding: “Two reactions to being fooled. Admit it. Or pretend you were right all along.” He was attacked by liberal-left commentators on the social media platform, especially for his sharing of a Breitbart News article on the matter, an argument which he easily rebuffed: 

Dawkins was originally taken in by Mohamed’s story, but as the facts came to light, he began to question the boy’s motive, implying that he had committed a fraud by repackaging a clock as his own, but remaining firm in his view that police should not have arrested him.

Dawkins was asked why he thought Mohamed created the hoax bomb:

He rebuffed those who attacked him:

He added that Mohamed did not deserve an invitation to the White House:

He also noted that law enforcement around the world would have reacted negatively to the device:

Dawkins isn’t the first unexpected voice to break cover on the matter. Earlier, left-libertarian TV host Bill Maher said Mohamed’s clock “looks exactly like a f*cking bomb.”


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