Marco Rubio: Wants Changed “Legal Immigration System” by 2020

Molly Riley/AP
Molly Riley/AP
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio won a standing ovation at the Values Voter Summit, where he offered a combined pitch for economic-growth-via-immigration and for curbs on abortion.

He said he wants to see a “secured… border,” but also said he wants a “reformed legal immigration system,” which is a euphemism for the increased use of skilled foreign workers in jobs sought by American parents and youths. For example, Rubio’s current I-Squared bill would allow a limitless flow of foreign skilled workers into the U.S. labor market.

Rubio also says a tax reform could help parents. He added by 2020, he hopes America has “done what we needed to do to save Social Security and Medicare” and “reformed the tax code.” He says the tax code must be reformed to encourage marriage rather than punishing it, and make it easier for parents to raise children.

On religion, Rubio said values are important because Americans always have had a debate about what role Faith should play in life and politics.

“As a Christian, I am taught from the earliest days of my life I’m supposed to model Jesus Christ,” Rubio stated, adding that as a Christian he should “be humble” and “that there’s strength in weakness.” Rubio said of his accomplishments and future accomplishments, “I owe to God.”

He said by year 2020, he wants abortions after 20 weeks to be illegal and that no tax payer dollars go toward an organization that conducts this type of activity.

Rubio went on to discuss his family and his parents. “I don’t come from privilege,” Rubio said. “I didn’t inherit any money from my parents.” He added that he is privileged because he’s a citizen of America.

He said his parents’ story, as immigrants who worked hard, is the “essence of the American dream” because “it’s all our stories.”


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