Kerry, Hillary, Kennedys Offer Sanctuary to ‘Refugees’ — In Your Town, Not Theirs

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BOSTON – National Democrats have been vocal lately about their desire to resettle hundreds of thousands more “Syrian refugees” in the United States. Yet not one of these ostentatiously compassionate statesmen has offered any of the huddled masses yearning to breath free refuge on their own fabulously posh estates.

The list of multi-millionaire Democrats lecturing the American people on their “duty” is lengthy — Hillary Clinton, John Forbes Kerry, the Kennedys and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others.

Some big-city and university-town mayors have offered to allow the Arabs to settle in their communities. But the Democrats’ trust-funded grandees with their multiple vacation homes and private jets are conspicuous by their silence, even as they piously claim to feel the pain of the Syrian refugees — most of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees.

Secretary of State Kerry announced last week that by 2017 the U.S. would admit an additional 30,000 “refugees” a year, for a total of 100,000.

“This step is keeping with America’s best traditions as a land of second chances,” he said last week in Germany.

In 2013, less than a mile from his 76-year-old wife’s mansion on Beacon Hill, two Muslim refugees on welfare took advantage of their “second chances” to murder three people by setting off explosives at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

If prior patterns hold, approximately 91 percent of these new arrivals will immediately go on the dole. That’s the good news. The bad news is that at least some of them are already terrorists, or soon will be, and that they will use their handouts — their “salaries,” as Europe’s lawless Muslim “migrants” describe their lifelong welfare – to pay for the terrorist training and materials they will use to murder their benefactors.

Coming here will indeed be a second chance for many – to slaughter yet more infidels.

Some European nations, wary of the social turmoil mass Muslim migration has caused elsewhere, have balked at accepting yet more public charges. In Canada, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said that “opening the floodgates” to thousands of Muslims would be “too great a risk” for a country already plagued by Islamist terror attacks.

The ruling class in the United States has no such qualms. The front man for this latest Democrat iteration of open borders is Kerry. He became a rich man the old-fashioned way, by marriage – to the widow of former Sen. John Heinz. It was Kerry’s second marriage to an heiress with a nine-figure net worth, which is why his longtime constituents here in Boston often refer to him as America’s First Gigolo.

Kerry’s second wife’s first husband’s trust fund owns mansions in Nantucket, Beacon Hill, Georgetown, Fox Chapel PA and Ketchum (not Ketchup) ID. Together, they are assessed for at least $35 million, and are empty most of the year – perfect locations in which to settle the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, to quote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

Yet Secretary Kerry refuses to roll out the welcome mat.

In fact, Kerry has never been particularly charitable even to his fellow citizens, even before his second marriage, when he was sometimes reduced to sleeping on his ex-brother-in-law’s couch. At campaign fundraisers at Brant Point on Nantucket, Kerry has been known to ban even well-heeled campaign contributors from using the family restrooms inside the mansion. Instead, the hoi polloi must make do with porta-potties in the front yard.

On Beacon Hill, Kerry had a fire hydrant removed from outside his wife’s $6.9-million mansion (a former nunnery) to create an extra parking space for the Heinz family’s fleet of SUV’s. When his wife bought him a $7.5-million yacht built in New Zealand, he registered it not in Massachusetts, but in Rhode Island. That connivance enabled him to avoid paying his fair share of MA state sales tax and the Nantucket town excise tax, at least until his scheme was reported in the Boston Herald.

As inviting as his wife’s mansions may appear to the pilgrims of ISIS and the al-Nusra Front who will soon be arriving here, Kerry has access to an even more inviting location for this latest wave of undocumented Democrats.

On his mother’s side, he is a member of the Forbes family, which owns a number of small islands off the Massachusetts coast. The largest is Naushon, more than seven square miles, with only 30 year-round residents. It would be perfect for thousands of Arabic-speaking Muslims – plenty of room to build mosques, Section 8 public housing, an office of the MA Department of Transitional Assistance and all the other welfare perks now referred to in Massachusetts as “the full Tsarnaev.”

According to Cleveland Amory in his book, The Proper Bostonians, the Forbes family has always loved the island for “such diversions as bird walks, sheep-herding and horseback weddings.” Think how many more horseback weddings the island can accommodate once its newest residents introduce polygamy, not to mention such other quaint customs of modern Syria as beheadings, crucifixions and burnings at the stake.

An even more famous Massachusetts family also has almost unlimited acreage on the Bay State’s exclusive island playgrounds for the undocumented Democrats seeking to live among the Crusaders and Zionists. The Kennedys’ ties to Nantucket include the fact that Joseph P. Kennedy II, the former Congressman, crippled a young woman in an automobile accident there in 1973.

They have even more sentimental attachments to Martha’s Vineyard, where Sen. Ted Kennedy drowned a young woman as he drove an Oldsmobile off a small bridge on Chappaquiddick in 1969. Later his sister-in-law Jackie Onassis put together parcels totaling 366 acres in the Vineyard town of Gay Head, which has since changed its name to Aquinnah. In 2013, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the only surviving member of that branch, was reportedly offering 93 acres for sale for $45 million.

That still leaves over 250 acres available for use by the Arabs as their own personal oasis. Surely the Kennedys will lead by example. After all, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Caroline’s cousin and also the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, last week blasted Donald Trump for “beating up on defenseless immigrants just trying to build a home for themselves.”

If Caroline refuses to subdivide her Gay Head acres for the Religion of Peace, well, there’s always the Kennedy family compound on the mainland, in Hyannis Port – 6.3 acres with ocean view.

The former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, has recently been mentioned as a possible candidate for vice president on a 2016 ticket with Vice President Joe Biden. Patrick has always had a soft spot in his heart for terrorists – in 2007 he described the 9/11 Arab atrocities as a “failure of human understanding.” He later called the Tsarnaev terrorist brothers “two young fellas.” Then he went on CBS to falsely claim that no one knew the two young fellas’ “motives,” even though police were already in possession of the younger Tsarnaev’s jihad manifesto.

Patrick, now a partner at Mitt Romney’s venture-capital firm, owns the Sweet P farm on “77 rolling green acres” in rural Richmond MA. No word yet on how many Muslims the president’s favorite governor plans to invite to live with him in his bucolic paradise. The Sweet P’s amenities include an in-ground swimming pool, ideal for his Syrian friends’ laundry needs and as a watering hole for their camels.

Hillary Clinton has called the mass importation of Muslims from the terrorist heartland “a good start.” She and her husband own mansions in two of the least diverse neighborhoods in the country. Her Georgetown manse on Embassy Row is aptly named “Whitehaven.” The town of Chappaqua NY, where the Clintons put down a cash deposit of $885,000 to buy their property in 1999 when they were “dead broke,” has a black population of 28 among its 1436 residents. That’s 1.9 percent black.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that it is “really important” that the United States allow more Syrian Muslims into the country. A perfect place for thousands to build their new lives here in the Great Satan would be her 16.3 acres of prime Napa Valley vineyards. Adhering to the teachings of the Prophet, many Muslim immigrants – working as truck drivers, cabbies, flight attendants, etc. – refuse to handle alcohol and then under the auspices of the Obama administration sue their American employers for unfair labor practices.

Perhaps Madame Speaker could plow under her high-priced vines as a sort of celebration of diversity, or its lack thereof, before her new neighbors arrive.

The list of potential liberal benefactors is practically endless. In the west, Ted Turner owns ranches almost as large as three Rhode Islands. MSNBC anchor “Comrade” Chris Matthews, who nightly denounces Republican “racists,” lives in Chevy Chase Village, MD – where a mere 10 of the 1953 residents are black. Has Hollywood billionaire David Geffen sold his secluded beachfront retreat in Malibu yet?

A few of the Democrats clamoring for more Muslims in your, as opposed to their, neighborhoods, probably don’t have room to take in any of the followers of the Prophet. U.S. Rep. John Conyers last week called for allowing in 200,000 new Mideast mendicants every year. He once presided over an empty nest – his wife, Monica Conyers, was imprisoned for 27 months after being convicted of bribery while serving on the Detroit City Council. But Monica, age 51, has since been released, and has returned to the bosom of her 86-year-old spouse. And the Conyers are not particularly wealthy – he’s never been able to get much traction for his reparations legislation.

Politicians often instruct their speechwriters to throw in a little Scripture – the “bitter clingers” lap it up, or so Barack Obama and his ilk believe. But this time the Democrats may be out of luck. They can search the New Testament from Matthew all the way to the Book of Revelation, and they will find nothing along the lines of, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

What fits here is Matthew telling his flock that, “You will know them by their fruits.” He was referring to those “false prophets” that House Speaker John Boehner spoke of yesterday, when he was attacking Ted Cruz et al. Once again, the Speaker was picking on the wrong people, from the wrong party.

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-sellng author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman. He is a talk show host and columnist for the Boston Herald. Order Carr’s new novel, “Killers,” about the Boston underworld, on Amazon.


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