EXCLUSIVE: Boehner Defiant, Plotting to Stay in Office Until December

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) Attends Republican Election Watch Party

WASHINGTON – Some on Capitol Hill believe that House Speaker John Boehner is going to attempt to remain in his position through mid-December.

The election to replace outgoing Boehner was unexpectedly and indefinitely postponed Thursday after front-runner and current Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race.

Boehner has said that he plans to stay on as Speaker until a new Speaker is elected. That is a reversal from his previous decision to resign from Congress and the Speakership on Oct. 30.

If Boehner tries to stay in office past Oct. 30, his previously scheduled resignation date, it’s likely that conservatives who put together a plan that led to his resignation will pull the trigger on a move that would forcibly remove the Speaker from office. Sources close to the effort—which hinges around a motion to vacate the chair, a fancy term for removing Boehner as Speaker of the House immediately—confirm to Breitbart News they will likely forcibly remove Boehner if he tries anything unsavory in the next few weeks.

If Boehner were to stay in office—something that would only happen should the entire House Freedom Caucus and all the other approximately 80 conservative Republicans who don’t support him continuing in the job let him do so past Oct. 30—a timeline for what would happen under that scenario, sources say, is beginning to emerge.

Staying through mid-December would allow Boehner to preside over upcoming votes on the debt ceiling, the omnibus spending bill, the solution to fix sequestration, the tax extenders bill, and a divisive highway bill. It will also give Boehner time to help pick out a new front-runner to pick up his gavel and to remain influential in the selection of his successor.


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