EXCLUSIVE: Carson Says Mainstream Media Can’t Stand Thought of a Black Conservative


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson says one of his predictions is coming true: The mainstream media is manipulating reality, based on its ideological underpinnings, to come after him during his presidential campaign.

“They’re actually playing right into the narrative that I have predicted for them,” Carson told host Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday. “Because they can’t stand the thought of a black person who is a conservative, who hasn’t had to make it on their handout and be at their beck and call and doing the things that they want them to do. It just infuriates them.”

Carson’s comment came in response to Boyle’s request that he weigh in on the hypocrisy inherent in Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s recent criticism of Carson for saying he would defend himself by fighting back against the gunman in the deadly Oregon shooting on his show, only to admit on a different outlet that the neurosurgeon was correct.

Carson said Noah, along with the mainstream media, lack the quality of “integrity” that would allow for him to admit on his own show that he was wrong suggesting that there’s very little of that value in the mainstream media.

So none of that surprises me. In fact, because I fly in the face of the secular, progressive ideology, I expect them to continue to attack me constantly. The only thing that they don’t seem to be bright enough to realize that the more they attack me, the stronger I get. People expect them to do that.

Pointing to an opportunity in 2016, and beyond, for Republicans to make inroads back into the black community, Carson said he sees this reality coming to fruition “all the time” when he is out in public. “And I just find it very, very gratifying to see that there are so many people in the black community who are waking up and starting to think for themselves and recognizing that 50 or 60 years of progressive ideology has not led them to an improved situation.”

He explained that it has only “led to more poverty, more food stamps, more broken homes and out of wedlock births and incarceration and crime and murders. There’s nothing, essentially that’s any better.”

Carson made a nameless reference to government-sponsored educational programs that have done little to help raise these youth out of their hapless situations in which “deteriorating school systems” have created a road block, leaving them stuck in these systems.

“And if you had a government that was really working on heir behalf they’d be trying to work on giving them a choice rather than condemning them to failing school systems,” Carson said. He noted that it is these failing school systems, that “discourage people” and which leads to high drop out rates in the inner city.

The neurosurgeon then discussed his plan to repatriate the $2 trillion-plus that are overseas and provide a six month hiatus on corporate taxes for Americans which he said would not cost taxpayers a penny. “And I would require that 10 percent of it be utilized as enterprise zones in our major cities or to provide jobs for people who are on welfare or unemployed.”

He said that would be the biggest stimulus since FDR’s New Deal, describing it as a highly-attainable and lucrative goal, describing it as “extremely low-hanging fruit” which would have an enormous effect on our inner cities. After all, “it’s the middle class and the poor people who are affected the most when a box of laundry detergent goes up in price, even by 30 cents,” Carson said.

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