Questions For The Democratic Debate

Dem Pres Candidates Charlie Neibergall AP
Charlie Neibergall/AP

We all know how dogged, tough and determined the mainstream media are when questioning Republican Presidential candidates. But when it comes to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic debate it’s a very different story. Here are the Top 10 questions I’m betting the mainstream media are planning for the first Democrat Presidential debate:

  1. Apple or PC?
  2. Boxers or briefs?
  3. Coke or Pepsi?
  4. Christmas, Hannakah, or both?
  5. Favorite vacation spot- Martha’s Vineyard or Marbella, Spain?
  6. Favorite movie star- Sean Penn or George Clooney?
  7. Salsa or ketchup?
  8. Meat or tofu?
  9. Harvard or Yale?
  10. Do you enthusiastically support green energy, or do you hate the earth and want millions to suffer and die?

And now to throw in a few tougher questions that I might ask if I was the questioner:

  1. Are you a Progressive or a Socialist…and please explain in detail the difference?
  2. Do you agree there is a problem at the border with Mexico…and is it possible that radical Muslim terrorists are walking right into America?
  3. Is it fair and affordable to give $3,000 “earned income tax credit” checks to illegal aliens, often crediting them for years before they even entered the country…while saddling honest law-abiding taxpayers with higher tax rates to pay the bill?
  4. Should politicians be allowed to break the law? If not, then do you support “Sanctuary Cities” and should the mayors of those cities be prosecuted?
  5. Why won’t Obama use the words “Islam” and “terrorist” in the same sentence…and will you?

America is dying to hear your answer.

  1. If you could choose only one…would you choose to support Israel, or those poor persecuted Palestinians? Or is it too hard to choose.
  2. Obama spent 20 years with Jeremiah Wright as his pastor and spiritual advisor. Just days ago, Rev. Wright told a crowd at a “Black Lives Matter” rally in Washington, D.C. that “Jesus was a Palestinian” and Israel taking the land of Palestinians was one of “great injustices of 20th and 21st centuries.” Do you agree or disagree?
  3. When Obama sold Obamacare by saying “If you like your insurance and doctor, you can keep your insurance and doctor,” wasn’t that a lie and should a politician be held accountable for fraud?

If not, please explain why a politician lying to sell their program is different than a private sector CEO lying to sell their product?

  1. What do you say to millions of small business owners and middle class Americans whose health insurance rates have skyrocketed to the point of crippling and bankrupting them…when they were promised by Obama that rates would go way down? Do you owe them an apology?

Or do you stand by the theory that prices have gone down?

  1. Are we winning or losing the war against ISIS?

The American people can’t wait for this answer.

  1. Democrats claim the economy is “in recovery” under Obama. Does the fact that the Federal Reserve just refused to raise interest rates 1/4 of a point above zero for the 55th straight meeting indicate the economy is strong, or very weak 7 ½ years after Obama took office?
  2. Democrats claim jobs are “robust” under Obama. Does 94 million working age Americans NOT working indicate the economy is “recovering,” or in serious decline and dysfunction?
  3. Bush added $4 trillion in debt in his 8 years. Obama the candidate called that “unpatriotic.” By the time Obama leaves office he’ll have added about $12 trillion (3 times more) and more debt than all other presidents in history COMBINED. Isn’t that three times more unpatriotic?

Or is debt different when added by Democrats vs. Republicans?

  1. Richard Nixon was forced to resign over using the IRS to audit his critics, yet Obama used the IRS to audit and persecute critics, conservative groups, pro Israel groups, pro Constitution groups, and even ministers. Should Obama be held accountable to the same standards as Nixon? If not, why not?
  2. Nixon was forced to resign for the sin of erasing key evidence of his crimes- like several minutes of audiotape. How was Hillary Clinton deleting 32,000 emails any different? And if Nixon had said “Trust me, nothing on the tape was important, my lawyers vetted every word” would you have believed him? How is Hillary’s excuse any different than Nixon?
  3. Hillary was Secretary of State while her Clinton Foundation accepted billions in bribes…I mean donations…from foreign governments…then awarded contracts and awards to those same governments. Is that legal in your minds? Could that be construed as selling her office? Could you understand someone seeing that as treason?

What would you say if a Republican accepted billions in donations from foreign governments while Secretary of State?

  1. Would you describe your style of governing as more like Jimmy Carter (naïve and ignorant progressive fool), or Obama (brutal ruthless Marxist tyrant who lies, uses government agencies to persecute critics, and violates the Constitution with ease to advance his agenda)?


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