CNN’s Blitzer to Chafee: I’m Worried You Will Look ‘Silly’ if You Continue Run

Wednesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” Democratic presidential candidate former Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D-RI) was challenged by host Wolf Blitzer, who is worried Chafee will look “silly” if he continues with less than 1 percent support in the polls and $30,000 dollars in funds.

Chafee said, “What happened last night is one indication of why the establishment does not want to hear the anti-war vote, and they gave me nine minutes out of the two-hour debate, and it is the same thing to get into the Sunday shows and the like, and the establishment does not want to hear an anti-war voice.”

After Chafee said he has only raised $30,000, Blitzer said, “You are a sophisticated politician, and a distinguished career in the Senate, and you were elected governor of your home state. Why bother right now if you have limited money, and limited support, and why keep going?”

Chafee said, “Well, the main motivator is what is happening in the Middle East and across the world with wars.”

Blitzer continued to push, saying, “Here’s what worries me, governor—because of your distinguished career, you are going to wind up looking silly if you keep going on like this. At what point will you decide, you know what, there are other things for me to do instead of a futile effort to try and get the Democratic presidential nomination?”

Chafee said, “Well, it is the establishment who does not want to hear the anti-war voice, and that motivates me more. And yes, I have had a distinguished career, and I have been a United States senator and governor, and these issues are so important, and I’ll continue to raise them.”

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