Judge Pirro to Hillary: ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Buy Your Book to Get a Straight Answer’

On Saturday’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro gave a fiery opening statement blasting Hillary Clinton, who had her Benghazi hearings this past week.

In the opening monologue, Pirro pointed out Clinton’s dishonesty at the hearings

“Hillary, besides not telling us the truth and not being honest with the families of four dead Americans, you pivot and talk about how questions of grave disservice to the people of the department and the intelligence community? How does that answer the question?”

Pirro showed a clip of Clinton promoting her book while answering why Libya was a great success story for Obama and Clinton. Clinton said “she wrote a whole chapter about it” in her book.

“Hillary, I shouldn’t have to buy your book to get a straight answer,” responded Pirro.

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