Doctors Revolt Against Liberal Medical Establishment, Launch New Pathway


Several organizations of medical doctors and other professionals are joining together to change the “healthcare” narratives that have been set in the nation by a liberal medical establishment that does the bidding of a leftwing political agenda.

Organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) make up a significant portion of the liberal medical establishment that has greatly influenced public health policies, including Obamacare, parental notification for abortion, the prominence of the LGBT agenda in schools, sex education, and birth control.

In February, however, the American College of Pediatricians (ACPEDS) and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) will hold its first joint conference in Houston to start changing the narratives established by liberal medical associations. Titled “Hippocratic Medicine: the Means to Health and Human Flourishing,” the conference’s sponsors include the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, legal nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

ACPEDS president, Dr. Michelle Cretella, tells Breitbart News the organizations are focused on the wellbeing of children and not the politically driven issues of the day.

“Our two medical groups decided to join forces in this way in part to more effectively counter the relativistic, anti-life and unscientific ideology of mainstream medicine,” says Cretella.

“Since the 1960s, medical, academic and–therefore–government policy in the area of sexual health has been increasingly driven not by rigorous scientific research, but by the relativistic pansexual ideology spawned by Dr. Alfred Kinsey,” she continues. “The result has been an epidemic of physical and psychological suffering and disease among young people, especially women.”

Cretella explains that the conference–which will offer continuing medical education credits to attendees–“calls physicians and others back to the roots of Western medicine, namely, the Hippocratic philosophy embodied within natural law, and rigorous medical science.”

Speakers at the conference include Dr. John Patrick, who will address “Hippocratic Medicine and the Myth of Moral Neutrality in Medicine;” Dr. Jokin de Irala, who will speak about “Safe-Sex Belief and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents”; and Dr. Martin McCaffrey, who will address “The Burden of Abortion and the Preterm Birth Crisis.”

Development specialist Dr. Priscilla Coleman will also speak about “Mental Health Risks of Abortion,” and Dr. Angela Lanfranchi will address “Reproductive Breast Cancer Risks.”

Psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman, known for calling out the sex ed industry in her books and presentations, will also present at the conference.

Dr. Donna Harrison, executive director of AAPLOG, tells Breitbart News the information to which physicians will be exposed at the conference will be unlike anything they will encounter at the conferences of establishment medical organizations.

“The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has been deeply entwined with the leadership of Planned Parenthood Federation of America for years,” Harrison explains. “Not surprisingly, ACOG has long lobbied for extreme pro-abortion measures and against reasonable restrictions like waiting periods and parental consent for minors.”

“ACOG ignores both the fact that life begins at conception and the scientific evidence demonstrating serious long-term risks to women who have abortions,” she adds. “There is a lot of hard science that physicians need to know in order to practice evidence-based medicine and to give their patients true informed consent that they will not encounter in any other medical conference.”

AAPLOG, states Harrison, “exists to promote evidence based, Hippocratic medicine.”

Pediatrician Dr. Jane Anderson will speak at the conference on “The Adolescent Brain and Adolescent Decision-Making.” She tells Breitbart News that research shows adolescent brains are immature, yet the American Academy of Pediatrics continues to promote practice policies that are intended to reflect a liberal political ideology that distances children from their parents.

“New information on adolescent brain development confirms that adolescents need parents involved in every aspect of their lives,” Anderson says.

She continues:

Literally every area of the adolescent brain is immature and develops during the adolescent years. Hormones all respond differently in the adolescent brain as well. Furthermore, new MRI scanning, PET scanning, and other new imaging are being done in research as adolescents are followed over time. The evidence proves to us that every area of the adolescent brain is immature, and that the frontal lobe–which controls decision-making and is sometimes called the “CEO” of the brain–is especially immature. It controls judgment, strategy, and planning abilities and does not fully mature until an individual is between the ages of about 23 and 25.

“If we look at this information, other medical associations are not following scientific evidence,” Anderson asserts.

She explains that the American Psychological Association (APA), for example, wrote in the landmark Supreme Court case of Roper vs. Simmons in 2005 that adolescent brain development is immature and that, as a result, adolescents should not be subject to the death penalty. At the same time, however, Anderson notes APA argues that adolescents are cognitively mature enough so that parental notification laws with regard to abortion are not necessary.

Anderson observes the establishment AAP has also ignored other basic scientific evidence that has been around since the late 1990s.

“It’s crucial that parents convey their values to adolescents, but the other adolescent medicine people say, ‘Eh, don’t bother, they’re not going to listen to you. They’re going to have sex. Just give them condoms and long-term birth control,’” she observes. “But every study shows that teens listen to their parents. Even with high-risk, minority adolescents in low-income areas, teen girls are less likely to have sex when their mothers tell them it’s not the right thing to do.”

“Every study shows that if a teenager is connected to his or her parents, they will navigate their teenage years much better and with less high-risk behavior,” she adds. “Yet when we take a teen to a medical office, we’re told 11 and 12 year-olds must be separated from their parents,” with parents told to remain in the waiting room while the child speaks with the doctor alone.

Anderson explains pediatricians who conduct office visits in this way are really sending a message to the child that “I as an authority figure will collude with you to deceive your parents.” But AAP continues to include these practices into their policies for political reasons, she states.

Anderson discusses the LGBT agenda in schools:

We care about all children, we don’t want any child to be abused, bullied, or made fun of. We’ve gotten to a point, though, that children who normally wouldn’t be thinking about sexual identity at their stage of development are actually talking about whether being friends with another child of the same sex will translate into being gay later on. This is abusive–forcing that type of thinking onto children. This is recruitment for the LGBT agenda.

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of conference sponsor AAPS, says some of her organization’s members will be presenting information that the establishment medical organizations would prefer to suppress.

“Other medical and mental health organizations–AMA and AAP, and the APA–all speak in unison in favor of the cultural revolution that’s overtaking us,” Orient tells Breitbart News. “And they’re not even expressing concerns about the public health consequences, not to mention the wider social and moral consequences of destroying the family.”

Orient described the situation in Massachusetts of a physician who was kicked off the hospital staff because he communicated through the hospital system about the dangers of homosexual activity.

“He was told he was insensitive, unprofessional, offensive, etc., though no one took issue with the truth of what he said,” she relates. “We are really getting a pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, anti-family, and anti-Christian, extremely intolerant message.”

“The medical community at large is also trying to suppress evidence about the risk of abortion, the abortion-cancer link, and the link between abortion and infant mortality and long-term serious neurological complications like cerebral palsy,” Orient adds. “With all of these things, doctors are not telling their patients about them and even denying the existence of it.”

Establishment medical groups are holding up studies whose research methods are highly flawed over dozens of other positive studies, Orient says, as they also repeat leftwing talking points such as “abortion is safe and legal” and barriers to abortion are counter-productive.

The influence of groups like the AMA and AAP on public policy is significant, she notes.

“Obamacare is forcing people to pay for things that not long ago were widely considered to be immoral or even unthinkable,” she asserts. “They’re now disregarding the right of conscience–you’re considered an ‘extremist,’ if not just a bad doctor, if you don’t go along with them. We support freedom of conscience and scientific discussion about these issues.”

Breitbart News reached out to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) for comment. AAP did not respond to the request, and ACOG replied, “We have no comment.”


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