Obama Blames Indiana For Chicago’s Gun Control Failures

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On October 27 President Obama blamed Chicago’s gun control failures on the state of Indiana and other states that maintain a stronger focus on defending the Second Amendment than curtailing it.

Obama was in Chicago addressing the 122nd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police when he made the comments.

According to The Indianapolis Star, Obama said:

There are those who criticize any gun safety reforms by pointing to my hometown as an example. The problem with that argument, as the Chicago Police Department will tell you, is that 60 percent of guns recovered in crimes come from out of state. You’ve just got to hop across the border.

The context and meaning of Obama’s statement was not lost on the Los Angeles Times, which previewed his speech, via comments from an Obama advisor, and made clear that the states of Indiana and Wisconsin would be used as scapegoats for Chicago’s gun control failures.

And such scapegoating is nothing new for gun control proponents. Bretibart News previously reported that on September 17 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) blamed the South for New York City’s soaring rate of firearm-related homicides. The New York Daily News quoted Cuomo telling attendees of a Harlem breakfast, “The cruel irony here is that we passed the toughest gun control law in the country here in New York. [But] as long as you can get a gun from some state down south, put it in a trunk and drive it up, it’s gonna get into this state, and that’s what’s happening.”

The “toughest gun control law” referenced by Cuomo is the SAFE Act, which happens to contain some of the very regulations that have correlated with soaring gun crime in Chicago as well. For example, Chicago and New York have both banned “assault weapons,” and what good has it done?

Cuomo’s SAFE Act also requires firearm registration, bans “high capacity” ammunition magazines, and expands background checks, all under the guise of reducing gun violence. Yet gun crime is soaring.

So Cuomo blames the south for NYC’s woes while Obama blames Indiana for the failure of gun control in Chicago.

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