Hillary Clinton Got A ‘Hacked’ Email From Her Friend

AP Photo

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened an email message on her private account, saw that she had received a virus-infected link, and replied to tell her friend that she had been “hacked.”

Center For American Progress president and onetime Clinton adviser Neera Tanden sent Clinton an email on July 27, 2011 with the subject line “Fw: Exclusively For You.”

The email said “Look what I’ve found” and “Here is a very nice offer. Enjoy!” with a link to a spam link.

Clinton seemed confused in her reply, but indicated that she checked to see what the link was and actually read it, which probably would have given her computer a virus or allowed access to hackers.

“Neera–did you send me this? If not, I think your email address book has been hacked. If so, why? Anyway, hope you’re well,” Clinton responded to Tanden.

The link in the email was: http://snipurl.com/lszq63

That link has since been deleted by SnipURL, which notes, “We delete snips used in spam.”

Clinton received the email less than two months before IT experts were called in to evaluate her private email server in September 2011 and found Russia-linked hacker attempts on her email inbox.

Breitbart News exclusively reported that multiple Clinton email contractors were the victim of massive security breaches and that Clinton’s email server had an open webmail portal that gave hackers unrestricted access to her information.


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