Sanchez to ‘SNL’: Trump’s ‘Racism Isn’t Funny,’ ‘It’s Lazy and Cheap’

Thursday on the House floor, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) asked “Saturday Night Live” to disinvite this weekend’s host, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Sanchez said, “I rise today to encourage ‘Saturday Night Live’ to disinvite Donald Trump from hosting their show this weekend. Many may believe that Mr. Trump is just causing controversy so he can get media attention, but his divisive and racist rhetoric has very troubling and real world consequences. Many businesses and individuals have severed ties with Mr. Trump and even ‘SNL’s’ owner, NBC Universal stated NBC respected dignity of all people are cornerstones of our values and they ended their relationship with Mr. Trump.”

“Perhaps this blunder happened because currently there is no Latino cast member on ‘SNL’ and there have only been two in the entire history of ‘SNL,'” she continued. “I hope ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ producers, writers, and cast members will consider how Donald Trump hosting ‘SNL’ will compromise the integrity of their show. Having Mr. Trump degrades the quality of ‘SNL’s’ humor because racism isn’t funny. It’s lazy and cheap. Comedy has the power to highlight hypocrisy of society and reveal important social truths. and political commentary. ‘SNL’ has achieved that in the past. I hope it returns.”

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