Business Insider: Donald Trump’s Book ‘Crippled America’ Perfectly Embodies Campaign

Donald Trump at a signing for his book, "Crippled America".
(Star Max via AP)

Business Insider’s Colin Campbell previews Crippled America, the new book from Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

From Business Insider:

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump released a new book on Tuesday, and the 193-page “Crippled America” was pure, unfiltered Trump — from cover to cover.

Even the book jacket was in line with the Trump brand and his campaign theme, “Make America Great Again.”

His book-jacket bio noted that he is “the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence.”

It concluded: “Mr. Trump has more than seven million followers on social media and is passionate about fixing America.”

The book itself is dedicated, “importantly, to the people who are ready to Make America Great Again!”

In addition to relentlessly promoting the Trump brand and campaign theme, the book was essentially Trump-the-candidate packed into fewer than 200 pages. As Trump himself does on a regular basis, chapters would sometimes veer off on tangents to attack the media, defend his lack of specific policy proposals, and brag about his own fortune.

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