Manjarres: If Marco Rubio Apologizes for Amnesty Support, Americans Will Forgive Him

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Sen. Marco Rubio is rising in the 2016 GOP presidential polls, as is Sen. Ted Cruz.

But of the two, Cruz is considered to be the most conservative and trusting, primarily because Marco Rubio veered off his hawkish 2010 pro-legal immigration campaign platform.

Rubio’s flip-flop, and ever-evolving position on immigration reform has, and will continue to, plague him unless he owns up to the fact that he betrayed millions of Americans who believed that he would not support any pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

In plain terms, Rubio needs to apologize to Americans.

I have said it before, if Rubio were to ever own up to his catastrophic blunder of sponsoring his Obama-supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, “Gang of Ocho” Senate bill, and apologize, Americans would give him another chance.

Do all of you die-hard Marco Rubio supporters understand that President Obama, the person who is against all you stand for, applauded Rubio’s bill, saying that it was exactly what he wanted for America?

You do understand this, right?

Before Donald Trump and Ben Carson entered the race, I stated that if Rubio wins the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, he would in fact be the next President of the United States.

I still stand by that statement.

Even with Trump and Carson surging and holding steady at the top of the GOP field of candidates, a Marco Rubio apology on immigration would significantly boost him, allowing him to pick off some of those soft Trump and Carson supporters who may only be supporting their candidates because of the immigration reform issue and have Rubio as their second choice.

Well, maybe not Carson, as the former surgeon supports a pathway to citizenship, but definitely Trump.

But even if Rubio apologizes and continues to ascend in the polls, Ted Cruz is not going away anytime soon. Like I said, conservatives see Cruz as being more trustworthy than Rubio, which could suggest that many of those “purist”-type Trump and Carter supporters could really have Cruz as their second choice and not Rubio.

This race could boil down to Marco Rubio vs. Ted Cruz. You never know.


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