Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson: We’re Having A National Crisis


Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson said Friday on Breitbart News Daily that America is having a national crisis.

Robertson guest co-hosted Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Steve Bannon in Louisiana Friday. When asked by Bannon whether Robertson felt America was having a national crisis, Robertson replied, “oh, I think we absolutely are and I see it more, Steve, when I travel around the country.”

“It’s one thing to be here in little ole West Monroe, or Monroe, and you’ll see little things from time to time” said Robertson. He added that “when you start traveling around” you begin to see the extent of America’s crisis.

“You may be in onclave somewhere and think ‘you know, well, it’s not that bad we still seem to have things under control” said Robertson. “You start traveling and you start talking to folks, like you do every day listening to people from around the country, and you realize we’re in big trouble”


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