Maher: US Should ‘Get Out of Muslim Lands’ To Stop Terrorism, ‘Good For Rand Paul’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher wondered, “why don’t we get out of Muslim lands?” to prevent terrorism, adding, “bombing them over there is what is causing the Paris thing to happen” and praised GOP presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s views on military spending on Friday.

Maher, in response to his own question of why terrorists hate the West, said, “When you capture one, or when the leave a note, you know what they say? Because you’re there. Because you’re in Muslim lands. I have a crazy idea, why don’t we get out of Muslim lands?”

He added, “if they watched the Republican debate, on tuesday night, that’s exactly what they saw. the biggest cheers were for republicans who got up there and said we have to kick a*s militarily. this nonsensical argument…let’s show a little bit of the debate. This is the debate that Ron Paul — he actually, good for Rand Paul, he sounded a little like his father, and that’s what we loved about him at the beginning.”

After playing a clip of Rand’s exchange with GOP presidential candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio at the last debate, Maher remarked, “Yes, what a great thing to say, because these — all these other Republicans talk about rebuilding the military. It’s already built. We’re — if we’re already 10 times where all the other countries combined are, why do we have to keep adding to it?”

Maher further stated, “They always talk about, you know, I’m going to wipe out is. first of all, that’s not possible, do you know that, to wipe out ISIS? This idiot talk we have to stop. If we actually put boots on the ground, what would ISIS do? They would melt back into the population, just like the last time we were in Iraq. You can’t wipe them out. You can’t wipe out all your enemies.”

He later added, “bombing them over there is what is causing the Paris thing to happen. That connection needs to be made. We don’t have to be bombing them there. … Remember after 9/11, Bush was all about we’re going to not make any distinction between countries that harbor terrorists and terrorists, and it was kick a** sh*t, everybody loved it, because we had to wipe out the safe havens, right? That was Afghanistan. Okay, all these years after 9/11, there’s way more safe havens than there were then.”

Maher also asked, “Where are all the other Arab countries who pretend to hate ISIS so much? I tallied up their armies one night. There are over five million people under arms if you look at all these countries, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, and Turkey that could send troops to fight an army of about 25,000 a**holes who have 1970 Toyota pickup trucks.”

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