Former Cosmopolitan Reporter Exposes the Propaganda Behind the Sexual Revolution and Women’s Movement

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Evinronmentalists for Hillary event on November 9, 2015 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Clinton highlighted the importance of reneweable energy and moving away from coal power. (Photo by
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Sue Ellen Browder – an award-winning journalist and author – tells Breitbart News that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be defending Planned Parenthood and abortion if she really understood that issue was part of the sexual revolution and wholly separate from the women’s movement pushing for more rights.

“Women like Hillary Clinton do not know they’re not really defending the women’s movement. They’re really defending the sexual revolution,” Browder explained. “Hillary would not want to defend that if she knew what she was doing.”

Browder’s new book Subverted: How I helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement details how the sexual revolution became part of the push for more rights for women when “abortion was rammed through into the women’s movement.”

Now 70-years-old, Browder is recalling her experience as a small town girl from Iowa going to the Big Apple to begin her writing career after studying journalism at the University of Missouri.

I was a small town girl from Iowa and I was glamour struck. When I went to New York City to start my writing career, I had a choice of either going with a little magazine … or I could go with Cosmo, and Cosmo was the queen of women’s magazines in those days and I went with Cosmo. One thing that I noticed when I was at the University of Missouri, we had a magazine writing class, and we analyzed different magazines … and I chose Cosmopolitan and one thing I noticed was that those anecdotes in the magazine were so pat that they seemed made up.

Browder said that when she got to Cosmopolitan Magazine she found out that “sure enough, they were being made up.”

“I slipped into a very bad place where I began making up stories too – to sell the sexual revolution to young women. I didn’t know at the time what kind of horror would eventually result from that so I wrote this book to try to set the record straight,” Browder explained. “I thought if I don’t set the record straight, who will?”

“What women don’t know is the women’s movement and the sexual revolution were falsely joined together,” she said, adding that before the two issues were “radically different movements.” Browder says her book exposes this fact for the first time.

Browder said the two issues – the sexual revolution and the women’s rights movement –were joined together after two men convinced women at a meeting at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. to insert abortion as part of the matter of rights for women. It was at that time, the women’s movement and the sexual revolution joined together when 57 out of roughly 100 people in that very meeting voted to call for a right to abortion.

My message to young women is don’t buy into the fact that the sexual revolution and having sex and jumping into bed every time you turn around, and all those things … don’t by into that stuff that is part of the women’s movement. That was separate from the women’s movement and we can separate it again.

“They don’t have to be united,” she said of the sexual revolution and women’s movement. “That uniting was betrayal of women.”

Browder said that part of the women’s movement was the right not to be fired for being pregnant, ensuring that poor women received job training, as well as paid maternity leave being mandatory. She said those were good things that women wanted – and she knows from experience because in 1969, she was fired for being pregnant.

“What I would like for women to recognize is how propaganda works so they don’t get deceived by it. Propaganda is half truth, selected truth, and truth out of context,” Browder said.

When asked why Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is covered differently by the media that GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, Browder said it’s because of the polarization of women’s issues.

The media has been convinced that that joining of the women’s movement with the sexual revolution is what women want – the left media. We’ve polarized around this issue. The reason I think we polarized around it was because it was based on propaganda from the very beginning. We polarize around issues that we don’t have the truth about.

Browder added that her book reveals these issues, which been buried for nearly 50 years, saying she is “hoping that this will change our dialogue over abortion.”


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