Marco Rubio: ‘Gun Laws Fail Everywhere They’re Tried’

AP Photo/John Raoux
AP Photo/John Raoux

On November 13, Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio told an audience at the Sunshine Summit that “gun laws fail everywhere they’re tried.”

He said supporting gun control is something Democrats do, not Republicans, adding, “The nation already has a Democrat Party [and] we don’t need two Democrat Parties.”

According to The Hill, Rubio said, “We must always be the party that protects the Second Amendment.” And he pointed to the futility of gun-free zones and other gun controls by explaining that they put law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage.

Rubio said, “Law-abiding people follow the laws, while criminals don’t.”

Rubio also stressed that government is involved in areas it was never supposed to venture into–areas where it does more harm than good. In addition to pointing out the harm this does to gun rights, he highlighted the harm government overreach has done to the family and to education in the United States. He suggested “religious liberty” is now a central target of our burgeoning government and indicated that all these things–gun rights, the family, education, and religious liberty–need to be protected from government.

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