Gun Control Group: U.S. Should Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ After Paris Attacks

Ryan Houston/Getty Images
Ryan Houston/Getty Images

In the wake of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) suggests the U.S. ban the sale of all “assault weapons” to civilians.

Moreover, they suggest this ban include “assault pistols” and “assault shotguns” as well.

Clearly, the VPC does not realize that any weapon—even a five-shot revolver—is an “assault” weapon in a place like France where few citizens are armed for self-defense.

VPC posted the following to Facebook:

In light of new concerns over terrorism, we should rethink our policies that allow military-style assault weapons to be purchased by virtually anyone — including potential criminals and terrorists. There is no reason for assault rifles, assault pistols, and assault shotguns to be sold on the civilian market. These weapons are designed with only one purpose: to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible amount of time.

Notice two things: 1.) VPC is more than willing to sacrifice tools law-abiding citizens use for self-defense if, in fact, they can prove a terrorist misused one of these tools in the commission of a heinous act. 2.) VPC is ready to pervert the design of these weapons, saying they are “designed… to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible amount of time,” in order to see law-abiding Americans barred from possessing them.

It is worthwhile to consider a column published less than two months before the 2014 elections in which the New York Times admitted the very term “assault weapons” was as Democrat construct created to justify the ban of a “politically defined category of guns.” According to the NYT, Democrats created the term in the 1990s and applied it to an entire class of firearms in order to gain the upper hand in banning them, although said firearms are rarely the guns which criminal use in the commission of crimes in the U.S.

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