Hillary Clinton: ‘Slamming the Door on Refugees Isn’t Who We Are’


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton doubled down Saturday on her position that the United States should accept thousands of Syrian refugees.

“Our values are stronger than fear. Slamming the door on refugees isn’t who we are,” Clinton tweeted with a clip from her Thursday Council on Foreign Relations speech.

Clinton said in the Council on Foreign Relations speech that Muslims are “peaceful and tolerant” and that it’s unfair to link the religion of Islam to global terrorism. It was an extension of her remarks at the last Democratic debate in Des Moines, where she refused to say that America is at war with radical Islam.

To compound matters, the Democratic National Committee released a widely-condemned ad attacking Republicans for even using the term “radical Islam.”

Clinton’s conduct in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack sheds some light on her policy priorities if she becomes president. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that Clinton is considered the strongest candidate on terrorism by only 20 percent of Americans, meaning that she’s roughly tied with Republican Donald Trump.


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