Netanyahu’s Former Top Aide Defends Ben Carson from ‘Hypocrisy of Media’

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Washington, D.C.

Several mainstream media reporters criticized GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson for the way he pronounced “Hamas” during his speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

But George Birnbaum, the former chief of staff to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Breitbart News he found it hypocritical for the mainstream media to focus on pronunciation instead of substance. He cited former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s failed “reset” button with Russia, and said:

I’m not sure why Hillary Clinton is deemed so qualified on foreign policy when as Secretary of State she handed the Russian foreign minister with a red “Restart” button but with the wrong word in Russian… if mispronouncing Hamas disqualifies Dr. Carson, shouldn’t such an egregious mistake by a sitting Secretary of State disqualify her? Complete hypocrisy by the media.

Reporters from CNN, The Guardian and The Forward took to Twitter to criticize the retired neurosurgeon.

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“I find it silly and petty that after delivering such a substantive speech, they focused on his pronunciation of a terror group,” Birnbaum told Breitbart News. “How to pronounce the name of a terror organization is not the prerequisite for understanding foreign policy.”

What is important is Dr. Carson’s grasp of the challenges facing Israel as well as his vision for the future of Israel. He demonstrated both a clear modern and historical understanding of the region and the U.S.-Israel relationship as well as a clear vision for future U.S. Policy.

Birnbaum, who was at the event, said the audience gave Carson numerous applauses and a standing ovation.


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