Christie: Omnibus Bill Seems Contrary to GOP Values, ‘A Capitulation,’ NSA Restoration Should Be Added To It

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated that the omnibus bill “seems contrary to everything we stand for as Republicans” and funding the president’s refugee program through it is “a capitulation” on Wednesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Christie said of the omnibus, “It seems contrary to everything we stand for as Republicans. We have law enforcement, the head law enforcement person in this country, in Jim Comey, saying that you cannot vet these refugees, that you cannot do it. We saw San Bernadino become attacked from people who are radicalized Islamic jihadists. We should not be doing this. And quite frankly, what they should be putting on this bill, is the restoration of the NSA metadata program, so that we can give law enforcement and our intelligence community all the tools they need over the holiday to keep us safe. It should be reinstated immediately. If they’re looking for something that’ll unify all Republicans, it’ll unify almost all the Republicans, except for probably Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, behind the idea that we need to be able to collect this data, and keep America safe. But, the idea that we’re funding the president’s refugee program? That’s a capitulation.”

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