Chris Christie in New Hampshire: We Can’t Find Marco Rubio

Chris Christie
Getty Images

During a live Morning Joe interview aboard a campaign bus in New Hampshire Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a shot at his opponent Marco Rubio for his absence in the state.

“Any sightings of Marco Rubio anywhere there?” asked Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski as the cameras went live inside Christie’s bus.

“No. We’ve been looking for Marco; we can’t find him,” Christie replied. “We’ve had the bus all over New Hampshire, but we haven’t been able to find him. We understand he did a very quick town hall here and then left to go back to Madison Avenue in New York.”

“Oh, my gosh, he sounds like an elitist,” cracked Joe Scarborough in response. Scarborough contrasted Christie’s 131 visits to the state to only 42 visits from Rubio.

Later in the show, Christie criticized Rubio for failing to show up for the Senate debate over the unpopular omnibus spending bill, which he said he opposed.

“He did not show up to speak on the Floor. He did not show up to cast his vote,” Christie said.


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