Poll: 59 Percent of Americans Say Hillary Clinton Is Dishonest

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at a Town Hall rally at Sokol Auditorium December 16, 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska. Clinton was joined onstage by Billionaire Businessman Warren Buffett. (Photo by
Steve Pope/Getty Images

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is not doing well in polls centered on her honesty and trustworthiness.

A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday shows that 59 percent of Americans view Hillary Clinton as being “not honest and trustworthy,” with only 35 percent thinking that she is, actually, honest and trustworthy.

The 24-point gap in the honesty poll could mean problems for Hillary Clinton, who is basically running against herself – and her own ethics scandals – at this point in the Democratic primary. If Bernie Sanders continues to pillory Clinton from the left during the primaries, and Donald Trump continues to hammer her for the fact that she has a pending FBI investigation into her private email scandal, the general election results could swing against her.

Some 55 percent of poll respondents said that Clinton does not share their values, while 50 percent said that she doesn’t care about their problems.

However, 58 percent said that she has strong leadership qualities, and her numbers for “experience” better Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s numbers in the poll.

Trump leads the Republican field in the poll with 28 percent support, followed by Ted Cruz at 24 percent.


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