The Great Truth-Teller of 2015: Donald J. Trump


Nothing raises the bitter ire of our corrupt, rotted DC Media like The Truth. These leftwing liars, these protectors of central government, these Babylonian Whores of bubbled-privilege will use any vile means at their disposal to exterminate a Truth Teller, which is why Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has faced the kind of demagoguery and venomous hate no politician not-named Sarah Palin can begin to understand.

For telling inconvenient truths, naturally the DC Media attacks Trump as a liar, and not just as a liar, but the biggest liar of the year, of ever in the history of lying.

Did Trump lie to the American people before stripping millions of their health insurance and doctors? No, that was Barack Obama and the media.

Did Trump lie about a video causing a terrorist attack? No, that was Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the DC Media.

Did Trump lie to grieving families about that same video? No, that was Hillary.

Did Trump lie about a secret email account or about millions of favor-seeking dollars from foreign governments or the taxes he filed regarding those millions of dollars from favor-seeking foreign governments? No, that was Hillary-Hillary-Hillary.

Trump’s only sin in 2015 was telling a number of Hard Truths Democrats and their media allies did not want told.

Trump’s telling of these Hard Truths (detailed below) have done this country an enormous service, and not just for bringing a refreshing level of honesty to the national debate. The by-product of the telling of these Truths has been to damage, hopefully forever, The Evil Temple of Political Correctness and The Evil Temple of the DC Media.

Both are wobbled, and even more wobbled is The Chickenhearted Republican Establishment Temple that bowed to both.

  1. Illegal Immigrant Crime

In his presidential announcement, Trump went out of his way to expose the wave of crime that has come with a wave of illegal immigration. Immediately, the DC Media tried to exterminate Trump as a racist for telling this truth. But the truth won out.

And a decade-long rape-denying media cover-up was finally exposed to the world.

  1. American Muslims Celebrated on 9/11

The arrows Trump took for exposing this truth darkened the sky. By the time it was over, though, after a 14 year cover up, the DC Media was finally forced to admit that a troubling number of American Muslims did indeed celebrate the collapse of the World Trade Center.

  1. Way Too Many Muslims (Including American Muslims) are Radicalized

In his call to temporarily ban Muslim immigration, for the first time a politician used the national spotlight to tell a truth the DC Media has hidden for years: way too many Muslims, including American Muslims, are radicalized.

The humiliating lengths to which the Washington Post’s serially-dishonest Philip Bump went to spin these disturbing and indisputable numbers, tells you just how politically dangerous it is to reveal them.

  1. The Republican Establishment Is a Gang of Vicious Crybabies

With his populist-leaning policies and refusal to seek their favor, money, or consultation, from day one, Trump went right after the Republican Establishment, and in return, this den of thieves and losers only revealed itself to be a gang of vicious crybabies and deal-breakers.

For two cycles, the Republican Base sucked it up like good soldiers. We voted and fought for John McCain and Mitt Romney. In two mid-term elections, we gave them back the House of Representatives and the Senate. We kept our end of the bargain.

Now that it is looking like the Establishment’s turn to keep their end, they threaten the arson of a third party — they threaten a Hillary Clinton presidency, and with it the loss of the Supreme Court and the cementing of Barack Obama’s destructive legacy.

The scales that have fallen from our eyes would fill a galaxy.

  1. Hillary Clinton Treats Women Abused By Men Like Garbage

Oh, baby!


Without Donald J. Trump’s truth-telling the current national political debate would be set by the DC Media on ground that, by design, favors only Democrats. And with the exception of Ted Cruz, the dozen or so Republican candidates would be running the same Democrat-Lite campaigns that ensured McCain and Romney crashed and burned.

Trump’s Truths have fired up the Base in ways no one has seen since 1984.

Truth … it’s what’s for Christmas.



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