Damn Right, Obama, We’re ‘Bitter Clingers’

President Obama Speaks In The East Room Of White House On Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence

A teary-eyed President Barack Obama compared gun control Tuesday to women’s rights, equating tighter background checks with the battle women waged to win the right to vote–as well as the fight for civil rights for black Americans.

Invoking every shooting incident from Sandy Hook to Aurora to Fort Hood to San Bernardino, Obama leaned awkwardly over the podium, initially speaking about how we need to talk to each other instead of talking “past each other.”

Using emotional arguments, alternatively provoking applause and tears, Obama waxed eloquent, at times allowing passionate rhetoric to carry him away on flights of fancy, leaving reality and reason far behind.

One thing was crystal clear: Obama is not going to let the latest crisis go to waste.

It doesn’t matter if the measures he’s proposing—just like dozens of other Marxist-backed gun control measures that have failed to make it through Congress—wouldn’t have prevented a single one of the tragedies he’s exploiting.

It’s particularly insulting for those of us who lost friends and neighbors in the San Bernardino jihadist massacre.  Increasing background checks wouldn’t have stopped Syed Farook from obtaining the guns he used to commit mass murder.

Why not?  Because Farook “broke the existing gun control law,” sending Enrique Marquez, his neighbor, to act as a straw buyer. It was Enrique who went into the gun store, passed the background check and illegally bought the weapons for the terrorists.

There is no law that can stop a determined person who is not only operating outside of the realm and rule of law, but who is operating outside of the realm and rule of basic morality and human decency.  Once a person elevates himself above all law and morality, he is unfettered by concern for others or respect for human life.

Blocking all private party transactions by requiring the same background checks of individual transactions as those performed by licensed FFL dealers will not stop the Sayed Farooks and Dylan Roofs and Adam Lanzas of the world.  Those who are hell-bent on carrying out the evil in their hearts, no matter what obstacles stand in their way, and no matter what the cost, are not going to be deterred by any new laws. Those are just words on paper.

All Obama’s executive actions will do is further criminalize law abiding Americans, who are increasingly reacting to gun-control tyranny, by ignoring and in essence, nullifying every new assault on gun rights.

The simple truth is that Obama can shed all the tears he wants, but not a single red-blooded American is going to surrender his rights, nor will we allow further infringement of our God-given rights to defend our lives and our freedom from tyranny, just to make the weak-minded like Obama feel better.

The only sure way to keep guns out of the hands of evil people is to protect society from those who have demonstrated they are a threat to innocent people. That means locking up violent criminals, instead of coddling them as Obama has done; deporting illegal alien gang members who terrorize entire neighborhoods; and keeping potential Islamic jihadists out of our country by temporarily banning all Muslim entry until we can tighten up our immigration process to screen out potential terrorists properly.

If Obama had proposed those types of measures, he’d have the support of me and a lot of my friends—conservatives, liberals and libertarians alike. But he’s not proposing any such measures.

Obama once claimed that Americans are bitter and “they cling to guns or religion…”, and he’s right. There’s a seething anger at him and Washington in general as the government becomes the greatest threat to—rather than protector of—our natural, inalienable rights.

Obama might do well to keep in mind that we Americans, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers” also cling bitterly to our rights and our Constitution and will defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


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