Why We Lose: Marco Rubio Stands Down to Clintons’ War On Women

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Speaking to the Daily Caller Saturday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio signaled loud and clear that he is already surrendering the only hope the GOP has against the coordinated War on Women attacks Hillary Clinton and her DC Media allies intend to wage during the upcoming general election. When asked if he intends “to talk about Bill Clinton’s scandalous — and allegedly criminal — sexual past,” Rubio said, no way:

“Those are issues that in my mind are going to be discussed by others in this campaign. They want to raise them, they can raise them,” the Florida senator told The Daily Caller in a phone interview Saturday. “That’s not what my campaign is focused on.” …

“I, in my campaign, am going to focus on the issues that are confronting our country and the damage Barack Obama has done and how we are going to reverse them.”

Rubio is making three critical errors here…

  1. As I mentioned above, regardless of who wins the nomination, to push Hillary over the finish line, the DC Media will Todd Akin whoever the GOP standard-bearer is.
  2. Rubio is pretending this is about Bill Clinton, when it is about Hillary Clinton. A troubling number of the nearly dozen or so women who claim to be Bill’s victims, also claim to be victims of Hillary’s hate-campaigns to destroy them personally in order to protect their abuser.
  3. If Rubio does win the nomination and is put in a position where he has to use Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s victims as a means to fight back, her media is going to pummel him as a flip-flopper because he said he wouldn’t.

Republicans either stay on offense by flurrying with every punch in their arsenal, or they lose. Democrats and their DC Media allies manufactured Todd Akin and also accused Mitt Romney of both murder and not paying his taxes. These people play for keeps by using everything they have, and when necessary, they make stuff up. And here Rubio is already rolling over.

No one cares about Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs. Even I don’t care. That *is* an issue between man and wife, that is between them.

What were are talking about here is something else: allegations of rape, groping, harassment, and campaigns of personal destruction.

This is why Trump is winning. The GOP base is tired of their candidates losing like “gentleman.” Our country is on the line, and that reality exists in a moral world that will always trump some Establishment pol’s completely misguided sense of honor.

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