Dr. Ben Carson: CAIR Wants ‘Civilization Jihad’ To ‘Destroy Us From Within’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks at a town hall, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Panora, Iowa.
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
Charleston, SC

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson tells Breitbart News that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – which has spoken out defending Muslims including the San Bernardino terrorist’s family – is a terrorist organization that is calling for a “civilization jihad” and will “destroy us from within.”

“That organization has clear cut ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and some other terrorist organizations and that’s why I called for an investigation into it,” Carson told Breitbart News after the GOP debate in South Carolina on Thursday night. “They insinuate themselves into our society.”

They want to bring about what they call civilization jihad and destroy us from within. They recognize that we are vulnerable because we are so politically correct and won’t do anything about it. That’s why I’m trying to call attention to it. Not that I have anything against Muslims who want to be Americans who accept our values, and our culture and our laws, but anybody who doesn’t, as far as I’m concerned, they’re not welcome.

“CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation.”

Carson also commented on the sexual attacks on women in Germany on New Years Eve by allegedly Middle Eastern men suspected to be migrants.

“I think if we are smart we will look at that and we will learn from it,” Carson said. “But that’s a big ‘if’ unfortunately and that’s why we got to get a new administration in there as soon as possible.”