Fund: Trump Doesn’t Know ‘Enough About National Review to Call Us a Magazine’

Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom With Carol Costello,”  National Review’s national-affairs columnist John Fund scoffed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump calling National Review a “newspaper” and not a magazine.

Host Carol Costello asked, “Why did the National Review decide to publish such a manifest?”

Fund said, “You just showed some evidence. He referred to National Review as the newspaper. We’ve been a magazine for over 50 years. So he doesn’t even know enough about national review to call us a magazine. And he also attacked us, William F Buckley, the founder of the magazine would be ashamed with what they did with the cover. But he wrote a column before his death in which called him a demagogue and a narcissist. So he can’t even get his facts right. He just makes stuff up.”

He added, “These are 23 leading conservative figures, including two attorneys general. You go down the list, as the who’s who of conservatism. And most of the language is very strained. You picked out the most inflammatory bits but does any of that compare with the inflammatory language Donald Trump has been using the last few months? I don’t think it is even close. ”

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