In New Hampshire, Marco Rubio Denies Reported 3-2-1 Campaign Strategy

Rubio Interview NH1

Marco Rubio reacted to reports that his new campaign strategy was a 3-2-1 approach, according to the primary calendar.

“I never discussed that with anybody,” said Rubio during an interview with NH1 News today in New Hampshire. “I don’t know where any of that is coming from.”

The 3-2-1 strategy is winning third place in Iowa, second place in New Hampshire, and first place in South Carolina.

According to National Review’s Tim Alberta, political allies of the Florida Senator have charted out their new path to victory as they have failed to lead the early polls in Iowa or New Hampshire.

Rubio argued that his only strategy was to get as many Republican primary delegates as possible.

“Our strategy is pretty straight forward. We want to have more delegates than anyone else to be the nominee of the Republican Party,” he said. “And that said, we want to do as well as we can everywhere we go. We want to have more votes than the other people. That’s our strategy.”

In an interview with The Hill, Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak discussed Rubio’s momentum strategy as “plausible” but pointed out that it was backwards.

“It’s kind of like building a house – Iowa is the foundation, New Hampshire is the walls, and South Carolina is the roof,” he said. “But you can’t build a roof without the foundation or walls.”


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