Disgraced Weiner Says Bloomberg Could Win The White House

Anthony Weiner speaks to the media during a news conference Thursday in New York City. Weiner resigned from Congress, saying he cannot continue in office amid the intense controversy surrounding the sexually explicit messages he sent online to several women.
AP/Seth Wenig

The Daily Beast is reporting that disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner believes ex-Gotham Mayor Michael Bloomberg could win the 2016 election if he decides to make a run for White House.

Sharp-elbowed Weiner is no fan of Bloomberg, whom he said is “cocktail buddies” with “GOP big-wigs.” But when asked said if Bloomberg had a shot, Weiner responded “I suppose he could win.”

Media-mogul and billionaire Bloomberg — who has identified himself over the years as a Democrat, a Republican and an independent — recently announced that he’s considering an independent presidential run to combat “extremism.”

Bloomberg will run if he and his advisors think self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders will win the Democrat nomination and either Ted Cruz or Donald Tump wins the GOP nod.

Both Sanders and Trump are native New Yorkers, so the Daily Beast turned to New Yorker Weiner for his sage political wisdom. As the Beast said:

The problem for Bloomberg is timing, as early March marks the deadline set by his advisers to be able to get him on the ballot in all fifty states. And at this point, according to Weiner, it’s just a waiting game.

“If Bernie and Trump both win Iowa and New Hampshire then he starts moving and then after the SEC primary he goes in,” Weiner said. At this stage, the race in Iowa on the Democratic side is essentially a dead heat between Sanders and Clinton, with the former edging her out slightly. In New Hampshire, Sanders has retained a fairly significant lead in a number of polls.

Weiner has a rooting interest in the Democratic race for President. His wife Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s campaign vice-chair and has worked closely with Hillary for twenty years. That may be why Weiner gave the Beast a curt response when asked about Hillary’s flailing campaign

When asked if he thinks Sanders can keep up the momentum of his prospective Iowa and New Hampshire wins to get the nomination [from Clinton], Weiner simply said “No.”

The Beast article cruelly describes Weiner as an “almost New York mayor” when in fact Weiner didn’t even come close to winning the Democrat primary, much less the Mayors race. Weiner came in came in fifth place in the 2013 primary.

Weiner’s 2013 campaign went limp after his second sexting scandal became public. Weiner was forced to resign his congressional seat in 2012 when Breitbart News exposed his first sexting scandal, which Weiner repeatedly and publicly lied about.

Weiner’s wife, and Hillary Clinton’s longtime companion and aide, Huma Abedin, is no stranger to controversy.

Huma’s connections to Saudi Arabia’s Omar Naseef were highlighted in a recent Vanity Fair article. Breitbart News documented Naseef’s direct ties to people and organizations that the U.S. government found had funded terrorism. Huma also plays a prominent role in the Hillary Clinton private email-server scandal.

The implosion of Weiner’s mayoral dreams and the impact on both Weiner and Abedin is the subject of a new documentary called Weiner that opened at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday.

Breitbart News is in Utah to cover the film and will be running a review and analysis on Monday.

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