11 Reasons the Sexual Revolution Has Been a Complete, Utter, and Deadly Failure That Have Nothing to do with the Catholic Church

Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

It is rather funny when a sexual revolutionary accuses the Catholic Church of being obsessed with sex, as a writer at Salon recently did.

Does anyone really think that the Catholic Church runs modern American society? And does anyone really see any institution talking more about sex in all its permutations than our cultural gate keepers?

American society is drenched in sex and that is certainly not because of the Catholic Church. It is because of the sexual revolution.

So, how is that revolution going? No question it has been remarkably successful. We are awash in sex. But like most revolutions, the sexual revolution been most successful in eating its young.

Here are ten reasons the sexual revolution has been a complete, utter, and deadly failure and none of these reasons has anything to do with the Catholic Church.

  1. Women are depressed. Polling shows that with the widespread availability of the contraceptive pill, rather than entering into blissful sunny uplands of consequence-free sex, women are, well, sad, increasingly so. This could have something to do with nature, that is, women really do want to settle down and have a family, something men are less inclined to do as long as they can get the “milk for free,” as your granny might once have said.
  1. Young women are even more depressed. They are weary of the college hook-up culture. Ask around on a college campus. Look at the social science data. Young women are even sadder than their moms. College campuses have become cesspools of male hormones seeking easy action that young women have been lulled into providing.
  2. Declining rates of marriage. Young men and women really do want to get married but they are finding it much more difficult. The sexual revolution has completely altered relationships that naturally lead to marriage and children. Young people have no idea on how to form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex, let alone get married.
  3. Fatherless children. When Daniel Patrick Moynihan first raised alarms about fatherless black children back during the Nixon administration, he was excoriated. The black fatherless rate at that time was roughly 25 percent. It is now more than 70 percent. The white fatherless rate now stands where the black rate used to be. The nearly intractable problems in the black communities are coming to a white suburb near you.
  4. Our immense porn culture. Nothing demonstrates the success/failure of the sexual revolution than hard-core porn. It is at once everywhere, including on the smartphones of 9-year-olds, and it has driven a deep wedge between young men and young women. Men of all ages who are addicted to porn have a nearly impossible time relating to real live women. Divorce lawyers will tell you that porn addiction is mentioned in over 60 percent of divorce cases.
  5. The objectification of women. Radical feminists used to rail about this and it has happened right out in the open. Women are now sexual tools for the gratification of men young and old.
  6. 50 million dead. This is the number of unborn children aborted since the imposition of abortion on the country by the Supreme Court in 1973. Most of these abortions have occurred on single women. The thing about sex is that it leads to babies. And if the promise of the sexual revolution is sex without consequences, abortion ensures that promise is kept.
  7. 8 million infected. 650,000 dead. Those are the grisly numbers related to the AIDs pandemic. The CDC reports that an additional 50,000 are infected each year in the United States. Without the retrovirals, the effectiveness of which will likely wane over time, the death toll would have been close to 2 million.
  8. New infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are a whopping 20 million new infections every year. There are 14 million new HPV infections each year, along with 2.8 million chlamydia, 1 million trichomoniasis, 800,000 gonorrhea, 776,000 genital herpes, 55,000 syphillis, which was supposed to have been eradicated.
  9. STDs everywhere. According to the CDC, 79 million Americans are infected with HPV, 24 million have genital herpes, 3.7 million have tichomoniasis, 1.5 million have chlamydia, 900,000 have HIV, 800,000 have gonorrhea, 420,000 have HBV, and 117,000 have syphilis, which was supposed to have been eradicated. Fifty percent of new infections are in people under 24 years old.
  10. Public health stretched thin. The cost of treating the results of the sexual revolution are immense. According to the CDC, direct medical costs are $16 billion a year. Lost time at work runs the cost into billions more.

By the way, Pope Paul VI predicted all of this in his encyclical letter Humana Vitae that reiterated the Church’s opposition to contraception. There are no more prophetic documents in the modern age than that one.

So, the next time a sexual revolutionary mocks the teachings of the Church on human sexuality, point them to the immense body count that can only be laid at the feet of the sexual revolution and not the Church.

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