Donald Trump: National Review Magazine Is ‘Dead as a Doornail’

AP Trump in SC

Donald Trump took a shot at his conservative critics during a rally in Lexington, SC—especially the writers at National Review who have recently issued a collection of essays opposing his candidacy.

“Did you see these characters, these stupid 22 people that wrote these things from this dying magazine—it’s called the National Review, the thing is dead as a doornail,” the billionaire candidate said, adopting a haughty voice to mock his critics who don’t think he is conservative because he supports eminent domain.

“What’s wrong with these people, they’re so out of it,” he said, arguing that eminent domain is essential for major infrastructure projects, such as highways, railroads, and the Keystone pipeline.

Trump mocked political pundits who thought he would never run, never release his financial records, or make gains in the polls. “All these pundits, these geniuses, these people back there,” he said motioning to the press. “Morons. You’re morons. They’re morons. The pundits. They are the worst.”

He singled out political commentator George Will, mocking his appearance, and imitated his voice for the crowd. “George Will—he’s got the little spectacles, those little tiny… he looks like a genius because of the spectacles, but if you took the spectacles off of the guy, he’d look like a dummy—which is what he is,” he said.

Trump touted TIME magazine instead, holding up a recent copy that featured him on the cover. “I love this magazine,” he said. “I never liked TIME magazine much until they started writing good about me.”


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